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Why Google Adwords Display Network (GDN)?

The Google Display network (GDN) "was" traditionally more effective for brand awareness. Nowadays the GDN can also be very effective for running campaigns with sales and lead generation targets. Thanks to new targeting like behavioural audiences and advanced combination targeting it is easier to optimise for cost per acquisition goals while also increasing brand awareness

Adwords Display Features Summary

The Google Adwords Display Network made up of millions of websites that sell advertising inventory space through Google Adsense.

More than just Adwords experts for Google Search, One PPC can help you target new customers across the whole of the Google Display network to grow your brand and increase leads and sales.

Remarketing can target past website visitors as they browse websites across the internet. Build remarketing conversion funnels to retarget all your site visitors or only the most engaged audiences- using engagement metrics such as average time on site and pages viewed.

One PPC bid on past website audiences in the same way as keywords to optimise towards advertising goals like CPA, ROAS or brand.

Target people across the internet that are In-market for the services or products you offer. Reach people with commercial intent while they are comparing or researching before making a search or the purchase decision.

One PPC provides expert Adwords setup for in-market audiences and optimise for both costs per acquisition & brand advertising.

Adwords Managed Placements show ads on select websites of your choice that your customers or known target audience visit. Show adverts across the website, or only on pages about content related to your services or products.

Adwords experts One PPC provide advanced setup like combining website placements with your remarketing audience, or in-market audiences, similar audiences and more.

Adwords Contextual Placements match your ads to websites with targeting such as keywords, topics, remarketing and in-market audiences. Connect with your audience precisely when they show interest. Ads get matched to the central themes of each web page considering factors such as text, language, link structure and page structure.

Adwords Similar Audiences expand your reach by targeting people who have shared interests with people on your existing remarketing lists. Adwords Similar Audiences targeting work in the same way as  Facebook Lookalike audiences – both are more effective when the audience has at least one particular interest. Similar audiences can also use advanced combination targeting with other audience characteristics for cost per acquisition optimisation.

Adwords Topic targeting is a close cousin to interest categories but based on websites rather than audiences. Topics are themes including products, services, industries and ideas. As content across the web changes over time, the pages on which your ads appear can change with it. Get exposure on many relevant websites to without needing to target them one by one by one. Target your industry by the most relevant topics to show your ads on groups of relevant sites on the Google Display Network. Combine with advanced combination targeting with other audiences.

Adwords Gmail Ads is a new display channel. Most of the display targeting options work with Gmail Ads including keywords, affinity audiences, demographics, topics and similar audiences. The advertising cost per clicks is low so it’s a great time to experiment with this platform before more advertisers enter the auction! Affinity Audiences Adwords Affinity audiences can be used to increase brand by letting prospects become aware of your company. Interest categories are used to select target audience across the Google Display Network Affinity audiences are aggregated lists of people that have shown interest in a particular topic in the past. Select from a range of life style interest categories that Google believe are interested in such as car enthusiasts , travel, entertainment and many more. Affinity audiences were originally built for businesses currently running TV ads who would like to extend the reach of a TV campaign online.

Adwords YouTube Video ads appear before and during other videos on YouTube, as well as and in search results. Video ads campaigns for YouTube are created within Adwords. Videos are uploaded to YouTube and then used as adverts. YouTube has the traditional bidding techniques- as well as true view. True view bidding means that if the ad is skipped before 30 seconds (or the end), there is no charge. YouTube has built-in Analytics to see how your ad performs on YouTube to make any adjustments.

The Google Analytics Audience Builder lets you build website audiences based on your aggregate website profile.

Monthly Adwords Display Mangement Plans

We only believe in providing comprehensive service. We do offer flexible pricing based on the Adwords Display features managed and your display advertising budget. We work with you to select the most relevant features for your industry, target market, company size and advertising budget. Fixed monthly plans listed below for budgetary purposes, We also provide custom plans.

Display Monthly Plans
  • Adwords Display Monthly Budget
  • CPA, ROAS and Brand Goals
  • Google Analytics Management
  • Adwords Display Network
  • Remarketing
  • In-market Audiences
  • Managed Placements
  • Contextual Placements
  • Similar Audiences
  • Topics
  • Gmail Ads
  • YouTube Ads & Video
  • Affinity Audiences
  • Display Ad Builder tool
  • Graphic Designed Images
  • Dynamic Remarketing
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Display Growth
  • Less than £500
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Display Advanced
  • Less than £3000 per month
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Display Everything
  • Less than £6,000 Per Month
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All plans have no initial setup fees other than the monthly management fee. This is a limited time offer!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We back up our work with a no quibble, 100% money back guarantee – if you are anything less than highly satisfied within 30 days, let us know and we will provide a full refund*.

Expert  Adwords Setup Process


Business Analysis +

We want you to teach us as much as possible about your business offering , target customers. usp's and any other market channels used.

Audience Research +

Using the Google Display Planner and Audience Insights, we understant more about your website users such as demographics and website visited.

Competitor Research +

We research your competitors advertising footprint to learn what has been working for them.

Ad Copy & Creative +

We write ads to to test which parts of your business offering have the most appeal to prospects and customers. We write and design unique and engaging ad copy. We tailor each ads across your account for for high performance.



Adwords Settings +

We configure the geographical targeting, custom ad scheduling and bidding strategy that best fit your business and advertising goals.

Display Structure +

We organise your Adwords Display advertising based on your performance history, business objectives, and our experience. This involves setting up targeting methods across a number of campaigns based on the amount of products or services you offer taking into account your overall website structure.


Google Analytics +

We use Google Analytics to measure levels of engagement on your website after the click. This helps us see which areas of the Adwords account are working best and which areas could use more attention.
We track website health such as page load time and other important metrics and key performance indicators like bounce rate, average session duration, returning visitors, exit pages and landing page performance.

Adwords Conversion Tracking +

In order to be manage and improve your display advertising campaigns, we use  conversion tracking to record leads and/or sales within Adwords.

Weekly & Monthly Reporting +

We know it is important for you to know how your account is performing, so we schedule weekly, monthly and yearly reports with summary and detailed figures, display graphs, charts, text, and images.

Each report pulls data directly from your Adwords account including performance comparisons the last period compared to the previous period.


Bid Management +

Ensuring that you’re taking full advantage of your allotted budget, bidding for the most profitable keywords, and maintaining a high ROI are all top of mind for us.

Ad Testing +

We test a control ad version against another 1-2 advert versions in order to get the best mix of CTR and Conversion rate for your advertising objectives.

Campaign Expansion +

Expanding your campaign to increase reach and providing a higher ROI is the cornerstone of our service.

Customer Testimonials

Trusted By Leading UK Brands...

Great work Liam. Flow of price requests has increased since you set up a new Adwords campaign. Will be recommending you to others. Thanks.

Alex P Spaceist

First class. Researched our business and the competition, went the extra mile and generated big ticket sale in first four weeks and several more leads.

Steven F Smith & Henderson

One PPC Experts


Types of audit reviews available +

We offer written and screen share audits. The screen share audit is covered in more detail on its own page.

Is my company eligible for the free audit +

To be eligible your company should have used Adwords for over 30 days.

Are the audits free +

Yes. Both the written and live audit are free and non obligation.

What do I need to provide? +

Temporary read only access to your Adwords account and Google Analytics. We provide assistance to this upon booking the audit.

What happens after the free audit +

The next step is to signup for monthly management. This is of course 100% optional. Budgetary pricing for monthly management is provided on our services pages,

Expert Adwords Review

Detailed audit of your account potential!


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