Ad Extensions Types for Adwords


Ad Extensions expand the base advert and give the searcher more options to interact with you. They also taking up more space on the page, improve expected CTR, and look great! Call extensions Allow people to phone you by clicking on the call button. Consumer rating’s annotations These extensions can help improve branding and conversion…

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What is Keyword Match Type for Adwords PPC


Keyword selection, as well as match type, are used for targeting people as they search in Google. Keyword match type determines how closely a search term entered into Google (or Bing, Yahoo and Twitter) must be to the keywords selected within these PPC platforms. Selecting the most suited keyword matching options can help increase traffic…

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Adwords Account Structure Guide & Recommendations

adwords account structure

What is Account Organisation Account organisation is the arrangement of campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords and other targeting methods to improve performance reporting and make change management easier. There is no magic unicorn structure because Adwords accounts vary by industry and company size. Accounts need to be segregated in an optimum manner which means they…

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Types of Adwords Campaigns Explained


Campaign types and subtypes let you target prospective customers using different setting, strategies, techniques and networks. Campaign types are centred around Google’s advertising networks: Google networks are places where adverts can appear, namely: Google Search Network, the Google Display Network and the YouTube Network. The campaign subtype determines which settings and options are available. These Campaign subtypes include…

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Shopping Data Feed Manager for Google Sheets.


A data feed is a catalogue list of the products you want to advertise using Google Shopping. This list includes product attributes such as titles, images, landing pages, current prices, stock, size, colour, age group, gender and more. Some fields are mandatory with other recommended. Building a high-quality data feed includes both recommended and mandatory. What is…

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Google Adwords New Advertiser Checklist

keyboard,tablet and pie chart on old wood board

Adwords new advertiser tips and tricks checklist. Targeting is critical for success. (If the targeting is wrong or just too wide, this will not be profitable) Setup Adwords Conversion Tracking (This shows you which targeting is working- and what needs to be optimised) Keywords selection & match type  (Keywords are different to search terms entered into…

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Adwords Support & PPC Support


Are you looking for Google Adwords Support, or/and Facebook Ads  & Bing Ads? We are an Adwords Partner in the UK. Call our UK toll-free on 0800 689 4745 for free assistance. First Support Request for Free! New advertiser support, intermediate and advanced support. PPC Support for Adwords, Facebook & Bing advertising Adwords Telephone Support UK Times…

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Top Adwords Trainers in the World.

adwords trainers

 The internet has made the world a global village. Over the years, we have been inspired by many practitioners within our industry and put together this top list.  For advanced training, latest advancements and hot of the press updates- we recommend: Adwords Trainers Brad Geddes Mike Rhodes   Perry…

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Adwords Bidding Scripts

Adwords Bidding Script  Average Time Onsite

Unlike just manual CPC bidding or automated bidding by Google, using a bidding script is somewhere in between. Bidding scripts provide both the control of manual bidding, as well the automation time saving and efficiency improvements. Bidding scripts can improve bidding accuracy of manual CPC as no human can calculate bid adjustments as well as…

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How to improve Adwords Quality Score


Quality Score is an estimate of how relevant an advertisers keywords, adverts, and website landing page are to a person who sees and clicks on your ad. Quality score is important because it impacts on the cost traffic paid for- as well as the amount of traffic received. Higher quality scores typically lead to lower…

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