Adwords Support & PPC Support


Are you looking for Google Adwords Support, or/and Facebook Ads  & Bing Ads? We are an Adwords Partner in the UK. Call our UK toll-free on 0800 689 4745 for free assistance. First Support Request for Free! New advertiser support, intermediate and advanced support. PPC Support for Adwords, Facebook & Bing advertising Adwords Telephone Support UK Times…

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Top Adwords Trainers in the World.

adwords trainers

 The internet has made the world a global village. Over the years, we have been inspired by many practitioners within our industry and put together this top list.  For advanced training, latest advancements and hot of the press updates- we recommend: Adwords Trainers Brad Geddes Mike Rhodes   Perry…

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Adwords Bidding Scripts

Adwords Bidding Script  Average Time Onsite

Unlike just manual CPC bidding or automated bidding by Google, using a bidding script is somewhere in between. Bidding scripts provide both the control of manual bidding as well the automation time saving and efficiency improvements. Bidding scripts can improve bidding accuracy of manual CPC as no human can calculate bid adjustments as well as…

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Local SEO tips for Improving Search Rankings

Improve local search ranking

80/20 Quick Wins Check List On-Page Local SEO Target Keywords Create a top list of keywords that your target customer would use to find you on Google. This can be the name of your services, products, industry or profession- and used in combination with other words for more precise targeting. For example, words that can…

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Adwords/PPC White Labelling?

adwords whitelabel freelance

Adwords Freelancing, or Adwords white label services – I can help. I have over 150 freelancing references on leading service marketplaces and certified in all 5 Adwords partner certifications Some reasons to work with  One PPC Ltd: Over 200 Online Freelance Reviews on PeoplePerHour and Upwork Freelance clients in the UK, the US and Europe Expert &…

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Google Display Combination Targeting

Google Analytics Audience Builder

What is combination targeting on the Google Display?  Combination targeting is a way to setup and optimise Display advertising for direct response sales campaigns. Standard audiences on the Display Network offer many advertising targeting options- some not too dissimilar to traditional media. As with the TV, radio, and the newspapers, the Google Display Network by default targets…

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Automated Rules for Adwords


What are Automated Rules for Adwords & Bing Ads?  Automate repetitive tasks to save time and improve numerical precision. Automated rules use numerical figures from your account data to calculate changes- instead of human estimates or manually using a calculator. This involves changing areas within the account back and forth again depending on Adwords performance or/and known external factors. Automated…

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Adwords Search Terms Report Tips for Optimisation

search terms report

What is the search terms report in Adwords? These are the actual searches entered into Google by the people who click on your Google Ads.  Thes search terms report is available for all Google search network campaigns including Text Ads, Shopping Ads, and Dynamic Search Ads- as well as RLSA audiences. Text ads for Google…

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How to improve Adwords Quality Score


What is Google Adwords Quality Score and Why is it important? Quality Score is an estimate of how relevant an advertisers keywords, adverts, and website landing page are to a person who sees and clicks on your ad. Quality score is important because it impacts on the cost traffic paid for- as well as the…

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How to Write New Ad Copy

hand turning a ctr knob on the highest position. Concept image to illustrate a high click through rate during an advertising campaign.

What is Ad Copy Split Testing? Ad Copy Split testing has revolutionised advertising. Online PPC platforms such as Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin all offer ad copy split testing allowing more than one ad version to show. Split testing means that advertising assumptions can be tested, proven, disproven and improved upon. Testing results show advertisers what…

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