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Why Facebook Ads

Facebook is ranked the 2nd most popular website in the world by average daily visitors and time. (Source: Alexa.com). Many of your customers are using Facebook and maybe your competitors as well. Grow your brand on Facebook with your company Facebook fan page, while also directing traffic back to convert on your website landing page.

Our Facebook Management Process


Business Analysis +

We understand your business offering and USP's, target customers and results from any other market channels used.

Landing Page Analysis +

We review your website landing page, Facebook Page as well as Facebook Audience Insights and Google Analytics.

Competitor Research +

We research your competitors advertising efforts on Facebook, and other channels used in Google Analytics.

Facebook Audit +

If you are already using Facebook ads, we review your Facebook advertising account to identify all the quick win opportunities and also provide a longer term plan for ongoing growth. This could include techniques or targeting features not yet used.


Audience Research +

Using Facebook Audience Insight and the Google Display Planner  we understand more about your website users such as demographics, interests and website visited.

Account Structure +

We organise your Facebook advertising account based on your performance history, business objectives, and our experience. We create campaigns based targeting features ranging from CPA to brand.

Facebook Settings +

We configure Facebook campaigns with geographical targeting, custom ad scheduling and bidding strategy that best fit your business and advertising goals.


Google Analytics +

We setup Facebook campaign tracking in Google Analytics to measure organic vs paid Facebook traffic.  This reports at Facebook campaign level within Google Analytics.

This gives gives deeper insight into the Facebook data showing us what happens after the click on your website. This helps us see which areas of the Facebook account are working best and which areas require more focus.

Google Tag Manager +

We can also use Google Tag Manager to setup Facebook pixel tracking in order to optimise and improve your campaigns.

Facebook Conversion Tracking +

We use Facebook pixel conversion tracking for recording leads and sales, as well as to optimize your campaigns further.


Ad Copy & Creative +

We write ads to test which parts of your business offering appeal to your prospects and customers the most.
We combine creative and analytical skills to write and design beautiful, unique and engaging ad copy. We tailor each ad across your account to optimise ad copy across your account.

Budget Management & Bidding +

We make sure that you’re taking maximum advantage of your allotted budget. Control spend by bidding for a target CPA, ROAS or brand objective- so the areas with the best advertising return are spending the most budget

Facebook Ad Testing +

We test a control ad version against another 1-2 advert versions get the best mix of CTR, Conversion rate and conversions per impression.

Campaign Expansion +

Expanding your campaign get more reach and providing a higher ROI is the top of our minds.

Facebook Ads Features Explained

Facebook Ads is a rapidly developing advertising platform with new features and techniques emerging all of the time. Audience targeting is used to match ads with your customer profile. Some audiences are more suited for campaigns with measurable cost per acquisition goals, while others are more suited for brand goals. Combination audiences can be used for CPA goals. Facebook has ad formats that include image, video, lead ads, dynamic product ads and more.

Custom Audiences from your website is a powerful way to reach existing customers and those who’ve shown some interest in your business before. Custom Audience from your website is a targeting option that lets advertisers reach people on Facebook who have visited their website by using a Facebook pixel that’s placed on the advertiser’s website. You can create a Custom Audience from your website for any group of customers or prospective customers that you’d like to reach with targeted Facebook Ads. For example, you can run a campaign to reach people who visited your website but didn’t register to encourage them to go back to the website and register.

With email custom Audiences, you can reach contacts you already know with ads on Facebook by uploading a list of contact email addresses. You can also use info from your website or app for custom audience remarketing. Facebook deliver your ad to those people if they’re on Facebook- using the same email address.

Lookalike Audiences help you reach people who are similar to your current customers for fan acquisition, website conversions, coupon claims, brand awareness and off-Facebook purchases. Lookalike Audience targets people who are similar to one of your Custom Audience lists. Lookalike audiences find more people on Facebook who share traits — like location, age, gender and interests — with your customers to expand your reach. Lookalike Audiences are a way to reach new people who are more likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to your customers.

Behaviour Audiences are activities that people do on or off Facebook that are related to purchase behaviours or intents, travel preferences and device usage. Ads are targeted to people based on things they purchase. Behaviours are constructed from both someone’s activity on Facebook and through offline activity provided by data from Facebook’s third-party partners Acxiom, Datalogix and Epsilon included within Partner Categories- Core Audiences. Some behaviour data is available for US audiences only at the present time.

Interested people are more likely to take action on your advert. Ads are targeted using interest categories like music, films, sport, games, shopping and others to help you find just the right people. Interests may include things people share, pages they like and other activities on and off of Facebook. Interests can also factor in demographics such as age, gender and location. For example, if you’re a yoga studio in London, you may select interests that are more broad, like “Fitness and wellness” as well as very specific interests related to Yoga, like “Bikram Yoga.”

Create advanced combination audiences for cost per acquisition objectives

Target people based on demographics like age, gender, relationship status, location, education, workplace and more.

Track paid Facebook traffic separately from organic traffic. See conversions from Facebook within Google Analytics. Implement the Facebook tracking pixel using Google Tag Manager. The Facebook script has to go on all pages of the website. Running in Google Tag manager also prevents lots of scripts being on the website and potentially slowing the site down.

Facebook Audience Insights is used learn more about your  target audiences, including aggregate information about geography, demographics, purchase behavior and more. Audience Insights looks at trends about your current or potential customers across Facebook, whereas Page Insights looks at the interactions with your Page (i.e., likes, comments and shares). Audience Insights provides aggregate information like: Demographics — Age and gender, lifestyle, education, relationship status and job role

Monthly Facebook Feature Plans

One PPC Ltd are a Facebook Ads Agency in the UK, and only believe in providing comprehensive service. We do offer flexible pricing based on the Facebook features managed and your advertising budget. Working with you to select the most relevant features for your industry, target market, company size and advertising budget. Fixed monthly plans listed below for budgetary purposes., we also provide custom plans.

FB Monthly Plans
  • Monthly Facebook Ads Budget
  • Google Analytics Management
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Website Remarketing
  • Email Remarketing
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Behaviour Audiences
  • Interests Audiences
  • Combination Targeting
  • Image Creation
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Facebook Growth
  • Less than £500 Per Month
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  • -
  • -
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Facebook Advanced
  • Less than £2,000K per month
  • -
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Facebook Everything
  • Less than 5K
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If you spend more than 5K per month on Facebook, we provide pricing upon request.

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Facebook Management Review

Detailed audit of your account potential!


FAQ Facebook Management

Do you provide Facebook Ad Audits? +

We offer written and live screen share Facebook audits.

What do I need to provide? +

Temporary access to your Facebook Ads account and Google Analytics. We provide assistance to this upon booking the audit.

What happens after the free Facebook Ads audit +

The next step is to signup for monthly management. This is of course 100% optional. Budgetary pricing for monthly management is provided for budgetary purposes on above, and we also offer custom plans. .

How to Cancel Monthly Management +

We just need 7 days notice before the next months renewal date if you wish to stop using our services.

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Great work Liam. Flow of price requests has increased since you set up a new Adwords campaign. Will be recommending you to others. Thanks.

Alex P Spaceist

First class. Researched our business and the competition, went the extra mile and generated big ticket sale in first four weeks and several more leads.

Steven F Smith & Henderson

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