Facebook Core Audience Targeting Improvements

Improvements to Facebook Core Audience Targeting means more opportunity for

  1. Higher relevance score (lower advertising costs)
  2. Higher conversion rates for advertisers. (lower cost per lead or sale)
  3. Measurable branding. (If it working for CPA, it is certainly working for brand).

What are Core Audiences, Custom Audiences and Lookalike audiences? 

Core Audience are from data related to demographics: geographic demographics, lifestyle/life stage demographics, purchase-based demographics, etc.

Facebook Ads History

Facebook has many targeting options such as interests and behavioural. In the past, most advertisers were limited to being able to target one interest or one behaviour. Target audiences were often, therefore, more suited for branding than direct response marketing.

Traditional “wider” core audiences created using core audiences had a lower relevance score on Facebook- which lead to higher advertising costs and less attractive ROI. Choosing the correct optimisation objectives or billing metrics helped, but custom audiences followed by Lookalike audiences typically had a more profitable CPA/ROAS (Cost Per lead or revenue – advertising costs).

In 2016 (finally!!!)- the Facebook ads audience builder was updated to combine core audiences targeting using “and” statements. This update has been a revelation for building more qualified audiences.

What are Detailed and Narrow Audience targeting on Facebook?

Narrow audiences are the ability to combine Core Audiences such as 2 or three interests, and interest and a behaviour, and many more combinations. These filtered audiences are built using AND combinations where people within an audience MUST ALSO match at least ONE of the following:


Relevance Score
Relevance score is a metric in ads that Facebook uses to assess the relevance

When targeting a broad audience, such as men and women, ages 18 to 25 years old in the UK, chances are your ad may not be relevant to every person. Try narrowing your audience by specific locations, ages, interests and behaviours.


Audience Splitter

Facebook has since introduced the audience splitter to narrow audiences even further. This is useful for optimisation based on performance metrics such as engagements completed.

If and audience are too specific, very few people will be reached.

Split Audiences






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