There are many good paid PPC software systems, but our favourites listed alphabetically are:

  • Ad Alysis 
  • Optmyzr
  • Opteo 
  • Wordstream

These companies all have extensive experience in PPC before creating software tools- making them well placed to understand the challenges and opportunities that PPC account managers face. Lots of best practises and workflow are built into these tools serving as reminders or guides for employees with less PPC experience. 

These software products do have some have overlaps in functionality- but they also have some have unique or distinguished abilities. All great tools in their own right this article is not to rank the tools in order, but instead highlight some of the most useful areas of each.

Paid tools can be used along with free tools including Google Scripts, AdWords Editor, Bing Ads Editor.

Some of the features offered by these systems include:

Page Editor:

 A website page editor to make changes outside of the Google AdWords system interface, or Facebook Ads and Bing Ads. These user interfaces that either simplify the standard PPC interface or provide options that do not exist as standard. 

This allows features like bulk automation and dynamic variables for Ad, keyword optimisations.  Facebook Ads Page Editor, Bing Ads Page Editor


One Click Optimisations, Bidding recommendations, Budget Management Targets,

Positive & Negative Keyword Recommendations,  Skag, duplicate keywords, Search Terms Analysis


anomaly and alerts,  Landing Page Errors


Data Insights, Data Visualisations

While there is some overlap in functionality, these systems take different approaches along with unique abilities. Listed below are some of the specific features of each software PPC platform.


Keyword Grouper

Search Query Report

Guided Workflows

Nice for onboarding

Nice for less experienced staff to learn

Modified Broad Match


Campaigns missing negative keyword list,

frequency capping,

brand safety for display.

Bid Modifier Alerts

Ad testing alert

Ad Alysis

Powerful Ad Testing

Good Alerting system

Custom Bulk updates on new Ads.


AdWords scripts & Google Sheets

Ad Template Report

Google Shopping Campaign Builder. (Automatically defines the hierarchy and taxonomy of the feed- and how products are arranged by product attributes.

Reporting for Bing and AdWords

API’s for AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Google Sheets


Bulk Campaign Creating and Updates.

More custom options.

Programming Interface

Javascript Control



While free tools such as AdWords Editor and AdWords Scripts, API, Facebook API, AdWords Editor and more are very useful, these tools can also be very effective. No real winner at this stage, as they all offer some unique functionality.



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