How to Setup Goals in Google Analytics

Google Analytics goals-introduction

Google Analytics goals is a way to measure your marketing and website performance by recording completed actions. These goals are actions that you deem to be valuable to your business. For example a lead request form, a live chat, a free trial, subscription or purchase. The easiest way to record leads or sales captured on…

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Turbo Boost your Adwords with Bulk Updates.

bulk update adwords editor

When you’re building AdWords campaigns all day and every day, time can be saved using bulk shortcuts. With practise the bulk techniques not only save time, but they can also improve the planning and implementation of work. Flexibility for making the required unique customizations, as well as making ongoing updates in the future. Bulk Edit Techniques…

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The Top 400+ Negative Keywords.

negative keyword tips

Negative Keywords help you save time and money by eliminating irrelevant impressions and clicks, which subsequently increases CTR and conversion rate. Negative keywords improve targeting by preventing your adverts showing to irrelevant searches.  Using the Adwords Search Terms Report “can” be the most common way of finding negative keywords. This search terms report shows the actual…

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Adwords Ad Rotation Settings Explained

ad rotation settings

Ad Rotation controls what percentage of impressions each ad version receives. It is used to help test adverts (A/B testing) and ultimately control which adverts receive the most search impressions. The end goal of ad testing is to work out what is the most effective adverts are- and make sure they receive the most impressions. Google…

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Adwords Bid Adjustments

ad schedule bid adjustments

A bid adjustment is modifying the set bids by a percentage based on factors such as location, device, time of the day, past website visitors and more. Bid adjustments modify the original bid to increase or decrease based on the relative performance of each factor to get a better ROI. The bid modifier adjustments are determined by…

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Google Keyword Planner Tool & Keyword Selection

Targeting is the most important area for successful advertising. If the targeting is wrong, it doesn’t matter how great the ad copy and landing pages are. Targeting on the Google Search Network is achieved through: 1. Keywords Selection for standard text ads, 2. Website content for DSA (Dynamic search ads) 3. Product attributes for Shopping Ads.…

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What is PPC Advertising and its future?

What is PPC

What is PPC (Pay Per Click)? PPC is online advertising where advertisers compete for advertising space through numerous auction formats. It is called pay per click which means only paying when someone clicks on your advert. Since then many billing variations have arisen like the most current cost per click- as well as cost per…

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Track “ALL” Paypal Conversions in Adwords & Analtyics

track paypal conversions Google Adwords

New retail clients will sometimes say that not all Paypal conversions are getting recorded in Google Analytics and Adwords. The missing conversion data is the revenue of the sale- or even just the confirmation of the sale. The reason for this is that Paypal like other payment processors gives the buyer the option to return…

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WordPress Plugins for Google Adwords, & Analytics, & Facebook

Tracking tools help advertisers improve our advertising efforts and get a better return on investment. If you use WordPress, there are many plugin options for deploying tracking codes for Google Adwords conversion tracking, Google Analytics, as well as the ever increasing list of PPC platforms like Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Bing Ads and more. 3 Minute…

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Reporting, Visualisation & Integration Google Data Studio

What is Data Studio? is a new reporting tool- that also has a free edition. Why use Data Studio? Use Google Data Studio to visualise and integrate data sources such as Google Adwords, Analytics and third parties like SQL, Excel. Get a single real-time view of all your marketing data sources. The free edition…

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