What is Keyword Match Type for Adwords PPC

Keyword selection, as well as match type, are used for targeting people as they search in Google.

Keyword match type determines how closely a search term entered into Google (or Bing, Yahoo and Twitter) must be to the keywords selected within these PPC platforms.

Selecting the most suited keyword matching options can help increase traffic quantity and quality to get the best mix of volume and profit. Broader keyword matching gets more traffic while narrower keyword matching option is more targeted. Google Adwords has four match types which include the broad default match, as well as modified broad match phrase match and exact match types.

How to use Keyword Match Type. 
  • The “Match type” and added column is used to see how closely the search terms that triggered your ads on Google are related to the keywords in your account. This information gives an idea of which match types to use for your keywords.
  • Add new search terms with high potential as keywords.
  • Add new search terms that are irrelevant as negative keywords.

Once broader matches have gathered impressions and clicks, the search terms report can be used to monitor which keyword variations triggered your ads and results in conversions.

Keyword Match Type Tips

  • Don’t use the default match type called Broad Match. (Unless you are an advanced in Adwords). Certainly, do not start with broad match type.
  • Only use modified broad match and exact match type to get the best targeting mix of reach & relevance.
  • Start with an 80/20 approach to starting with keyword match type with 80% split MBM and 20% exact match type.
  • Don’t use exact match on keywords with more than three words, or on keywords with low to medium search volume.
  • Use exact match type on high volume keywords-especially when only one or two words.
  • High volume search terms can have exact match type and modified broad match.
  •  Low to medium volume search terms can be MBM only.
  • Adding modified broad match keywords can help you get more clicks and conversions at an ROI comparable to that of your phrase match keywords.
  • Compared to using only phrase and exact match keywords, using modified broad match can greatly reduce the number of keywords you need because each keyword can match countless word order and spelling variations. This along with no longer having exact match campaign settings has made phrase match, for the most part, unnecessary.

What is the Modified Broad Match Type

Modified broad match works in both Adwords & Bing Ads.

Reach more people than phrase match and gives you more targeting control than broad match.

To use the modifier, just put a plus symbol (+) directly in front of one or more words in a broad match keyword. Each word preceded by a + has to appear in your potential customer’s search term. Close variants include misspellings, singular/plural forms, abbreviations and acronyms, and stemming (like “floor” and “flooring”).

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