Author: Liam Holmes

Image Sizes & Specs for Google Ads, Facebook Ads & More

Google Ads- Requires base images and a logo. The Responsive ad system builder scans the landing page for the assets to be used on Ads. However,  it is also manually uploaded different ones with the below specifications. Image (2 Shapes- Landscape & Square) Upload files that meet or can be cropped to Google’s recommended sizes:


Building a Facebook Sales Funnel on and off Facebook

Advertising Sales/Purchase funnels have existed for hundreds of years. The AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action) funnel is the most famous, but many other variations exist. Both Google and Facebook organise campaign objectives by funnels. (The stage that you want to reach and target your audience). The top of the funnel is more suited to awareness


Facebook Advertising Tips- 6 Effective Techniques to follow

Facebook Ads is no longer a new PPC platform. It sides alongside Google AdWords as the top 2 PPC advertising marketplaces in the world. Everyday new advertisers enter the auction, so what is going to take to do well? Testing is key- and learning from what you are doing right and wrong. 1. Research &


PPC Software Systems & Tools – 4 of the Best Paid Tools

There are many good paid PPC software systems, but our favourites listed alphabetically are: Adalysis Optmyzr Opteo  Wordstream These companies all have extensive experience in PPC before creating software tools- making them well placed to understand the challenges and opportunities that PPC account managers face. Lots of best practises and workflow are built into these


Google Merchant Center Tips- How to Open a Google Store

Creating a Google Store is similar in many ways to an Amazon or eBay store. Each marketplace has their own terms and conditions that sellers must adhere to when setting up and maintaining a Google Merchant Store. The emphasis is building transparency and trust to help the buyer be aware of your policies. The mandatory

Google Analytics goals-introduction

How to Setup Goals in Google Analytics

Google Analytics goals is a way to measure your marketing and website performance by recording completed actions. These goals are actions that you deem to be valuable to your business. For example a lead request form, a live chat, a free trial, subscription or purchase. The easiest way to record leads or sales captured on

bulk update adwords editor

Turbo Boost your Adwords with Bulk Updates Automations

When you’re building AdWords campaigns all day and every day, time can be saved using bulk shortcuts. With practice, the bulk techniques not only save time, but they can also improve the planning and implementation of work. Using bulk techniques correctly provides the flexibility for making the required unique customizations. Bulk techniques also help the

negative keyword tips

The Best 400+ Negative Keywords.

The best negative keywords are the ones that are the most often used in various industries.  These should industries that are not relevant to your own.                    *NB– Every industry is different, so although these are popular negative keywords- you will need to go through each category


(Free+25 Page) Google Analytics Data Studio Template Report

This free Google Analytics Data Studio report has over 25 pages covering the primary data metrics and dimensions of Google Analytics. This will save you time instead of starting from scratch. I have used sources available in the Google Data Studio library- as well as free one pages available on the internet. The report has

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