CHATTERBOX WALLS (Google Ads & Facebook Ads).

Find out how One PPC helped Chatterbox Walls increase sales from hundreds per day to thousands while increasing profit margins with Google and Facebook advertising. 


Over 3 years of working together we have increased sales over 1000%.


Achieved a 91% drop in their Google Ads cost per sale


Generated a 3071% increase in traffic and continuing!


Back Story

It’s almost impossible to buy a truly unique gift on the high street, something which will be treasured for a lifetime. Chatterbox Walls was created to allow people to personalise their very own piece of art by creating something absolutely unforgettable. With an amazing instant live preview, customers can create a truly bespoke gift.

Quality, care and print accuracy are at the heart of their services, so it was important for Chatterbox Walls to work with an agency that understood these values. They had used other advertising agencies but suspected that both sales and profitability could be increased significantly.

Challenges & Goals

Most sales were from organic SEO and email newsletters. For Google Ads, most of the traffic was from Search Text Ads campaigns, but were below the target ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and therefore not profitable. 

Google Shopping had issues showing such highly customisable products However some of their larger competitors had been able to get Google Shopping working, so it had to be possible! 

The primary goal was to get as many sales as possible with a target ROAS of 400% and to get the highest volume of sales at the required profit target. 



In order to address we started by researching competitor websites, Google Trends and the overall business offering. We also examined Google Analytics to learn what happened after the click on the Chatterbox Walls website. 

Google Ads

We began with keyword research and also reviewed the Search Terms report. We then planned the overall account and campaigns structure along with the settings to be used. We set up standard Search campaigns for each product category – adding up to thousands of keywords. Having got these new campaigns up and running using standard text ads, Chatterbox Walls now generated an average ROAS over 400%. 

In order to get Google Shopping running well, we built an improved data feed using our own in-house tool. Products were organised into categories based on searches made, as well as the defined categories on the website. Using our in-house data feed manager we are able to include the main keywords across product titles and descriptions to ensure the Shopping campaign was optimised. 

We have also set up dynamic remarketing on the Display Network, as well as YouTube Ads video remarketing

  • We used a range of bidding strategies to achieve the highest volume of profitable sales. Both manual and automated bidding such as target CPA and ROAS were thoroughly tested. We also used an in-house Google Ads script with bidding rules for achieving a target ROAS. 
  • Locations: As UK sales increased, we noticed sales from other countries searching on the Google UK domain. We set up a separate ad account for the USA to expand sales internationally. 
  • Search Audience targeting
    Demographics: We layered the Search campaigns age, gender and parental status making bid adjustments based on performance.
    Interest targeting: We layered the Search campaigns with audiences including past website users, in-Market Audiences and Similar Audiences to get better ROI

Facebook/Instagram Advertising​

While starting with custom audiences such as website re-marketing and Facebook page engagement, to really make a success of Facebook advertising we also needed to reach the larger top of the funnel audience. 

In order to tackle this challenge, we implemented a range of top of the funnel (cold) and middle of the funnel (warm) campaigns. We created a few personas for testing advert copy and targeting to increase click-through rate (CTR) and conversions while growing the brand of Chatterbox Walls.  

Dynamic Remarketing (Website & Contact Emails). 

We started Facebook with a dynamic remarketing campaign targeting anybody who had viewed a product page on Chatterbox Walls website in the last 14 days and had not purchased. We then re-targeted this warm traffic with ads showing a site visitor the exact products they looked at when on the website. 

This campaign immediately improved the conversion rate of past website visitors and quickly delivered ROAS over 5.0, and increased overtime above 10.0.

Engagement Audiences: 

Next, we set up an Engagement campaign retargeting anyone who has engaged with Chatterbox Walls’ Facebook page or ads in the last 365 days- but had not been to the website in 30 days. This campaign also delivered a positive ROAS above 4.0 within a few weeks. Ad types such as dynamic product ads vs, carousel and canvas were tested and analysed..

Cold Traffic/Top of Funnel Marketing:

To really make a success of Facebook we needed to reach a much larger cold audience to scale revenue while growing the brand of Chatterbox Walls. Since the campaigns have begun, we have seen ongoing growth in the number of purchases from both our lower funnel and cold top of the funnel campaigns. 

  • Interests Audiences: 

As part of our research and planning, we identified several key audience groups for Chatterbox Walls which included interest groups such as; gifts, life events of friends, competitors and more. We experimented with single interest audiences, as well as multiple interests with or/and targeting. 

  • Lookalike Audiences: 

Using website value-based purchase by similarity and reach, we set up a range of Lookalike audiences. Different audience ranges and sizes were tested in order to continue increasing revenue.  

Cold audiences targeted campaigns with interests and lookalikes have delivered more than 70% of the sales revenue on Facebook. We tested a range of advert formats, images and text copy to continually look to improve ad copy for a higher CTR and conversion rate. 

Since working with Chatterbox Walls we have:

  • Increased sales from hundreds per day – to thousands per day within 12 months. 
  • Increased monthly revenues to the point where we are well on track to reach one million pounds annual sales, and growing.
  • Expanded advertising internationally.
  • Scaled ad spend increasing more than 1000% while improving ROAS profits.
  • Achieved a better ROAS above the target 4.0.
  • Setup a complete Facebook Marketing Funnel as well as using most Google targeting options
  • Implemented sophisticated campaigns strategies and implementations with the range of audience targeting and adverts. 
  • Created a consistent and effective ad creative that focuses on key USP and brand messaging. 
  • Communicating with the client and also internally while managing campaigns.


“After several false starts with PPC people who didn’t deliver, we came across ONE PPC who have all the google accreditations that the big agencies have. We’re really happy with the results that ONE PPC have delivered & their customer service is excellent”

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