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Find out how One PPC helped Expatriate Law expand into more countries while reducing cost per lead. 

Ad Spend

Grew advertising budget while increasing ROI

Conversion Rate

Improved online conversion rate to improve advertising return.


Increased the number of leads and customers.


Back Story

Expatriate Law are specialists in international divorce and family law, conducting divorces for expatriates through the UK courts. As a legal firm based in the UK – Expatriate Law provide family and divorce legal services to UK expats around the world. They are family law advisers not only to individuals but to other law firms, embassies and multinational employers of British expatriates. Their team of English lawyers are specialists in international divorce and family law and include barristers, solicitors and mediators who have over 100 years of legal training, knowledge and experience between them, showing dedication and commitment to each and every client. 

Expatriate Law had an existing agency managing their Google advertising – but suspected there was room for improvements. They reached out to One PPC and we created a proposal to improve what was in place but was failing. 


The cost per lead for Google Ads was expensive so Expatriate Law’s primary goal was to improve profitability by reducing the cost per conversion, with the secondary goal of increasing leads.

Following our initial audit review, we identified several main challenges:

    • Budgeting and bidding strategies could be vastly improved to get a better ROI.
    • Targeting could be refined to more closely match the target persona. 
    • Account structure could be streamlined as it was difficult to manage, report on or optimise in the current setup.


Google Ads

Expatriate Law needed an agency with the commercial skills required to understand the legal industry.  One PPC was appointed following an audit which specifically recommended the ways to achieve far-reaching improvements in ROI. 

We expanded the keyword list and then reorganised the account structure to focus more on on the expatriate audience to ensure budget was spent on the target market. We consolidated to one campaign per global continent, with a generic campaign targeting a wider audience. Next, we organised the ad groups into more specific themes to match relevant ads and landing pages.

This improvement gave rise to a sizeable increase in the quality score which substantially reduced the cost per click, hence reducing advertising costs. 
Having a higher quality score also led to more impressions by winning more auctions.

We tested a range of bidding strategies including using our own private in-housing bidding script with rules for achieving an average cost per lead (CPA). We also set up automated bidding using the target CPA for some campaigns.

Google Tag Manager:
We set up tagging to record leads as conversions from form submissions, email and phone link click conversions using Google Tag Manager. Along with a  range of tags for Google Ads and Google Analytics. 


Expanded internationally by advertising to the US and other countries not previously advertised in. Increased number of leads while reducing cost per conversion. This approach has driven sterling results for Expatriate Law during the time we have been working together.

Since working with Expatriate Law we have:

  • Reduced conversion per conversion by 112% 
  • Increased leads by 65%. 
  • Set up Microsoft Bing Ads to gain more leads at the same target CPA. 
  • Created consistent and effective ad creative that focuses on key USP’s and messaging of the brand. 
  • Worked closely with the client on new campaigns. 

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