A bid adjustment is modifying the set bids by a percentage based on factors such as location, device, time of the day, past website visitors and more. Bid adjustments modify the original bid to increase or decrease based on the relative performance of each factor to get a better ROI. The bid modifier adjustments are determined by performance across devices, locations, time of day and more. The performance metric will typically decided by conversion metrics such as the cost per conversion of a lead or sale.

The original bid is the average of all these factors- before making adjustments. Manual bidding can still be done, automated bidding rules or script bidding. Googles automatic bidding cannot be done at the same time as bid adjustments. Spending on individual clicks may vary as your bids increase or decrease according to the adjustments that are set.

Types of Bid Adjustments

Device bid adjustment

Adjust Mobile, tablets and desktop devices bids based on the relative performance of each. Bid lower for devices that are less profitable by adjusting base on a target metric like CPA, and higher for the best performing devices. It is also possible to just bid lower based on the percentage variation in performance- and not increase bids on the best performing keywords. In this case, standard bidding can be increased instead of the bid adjustment.

device bid adjustments

Location bid adjustments

Increase or decrease your bids depending on the performance of each location. Locations can be towns, postcodes, cities, IP radius and countries.

location bid adjustments

Ad scheduling bid adjustments

Increase or decrease your bids for specific hours of the day and days of the week.

ad schedule bid adjustments

Display Network Targeting methods bid adjustments

Set bid adjustments for topics, placements and other targeting methods on the Display Network Set at the individual ad group level.

Remarketing lists for search ads bid adjustments

Set bid adjustments for past website visitors as they search in Google. Segment past website visitors based on their levels engagement or pages viewed. E.g. Increase bids by 25% for past website visitors in the last 30 days, increase bids by 40% for site visitors that stayed on the website for longer than 5 minutes etc.

2 thoughts on “Adwords Bid Adjustments”

  1. I’m trying to combine these – for example – Is it possible to reduce bids on tablets on Sundays by 25%? Just learning about scripts, but apparently, you can do this just in the online interface?


    1. Hi Drew,

      You can use the bid modifier adjustments in AdWords for devices.
      This script changes the base bids – then the adjustments can happen independently. We are working on a separate script that will do the bid adjustments automatically.

      Best Regards

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