Reporting, Visualisation & Integration Google Data Studio

What is Data Studio? is a new reporting tool- that also has a free edition.

Why use Data Studio?

Use Google Data Studio to visualise and integrate data sources such as Google Adwords, Analytics and third parties like SQL, Excel. Get a single real-time view of all your marketing data sources. The free edition allows up to five multi-page reports that can be shared and edited with other users.

Out of the box, Data Studio has ready made templates which can be copied and customised.

Check out our free premade templates –  Adwords Free Data Studio Template, and Google Analytics Data Studio Template. We shall add more as we build them. (e.g. YouTube,  Facebook ads, Facebook ads etc). The Google Analytics one is 25 pages, and our Adwords one is 10 pages.


Data connectors

These are out of the box templates for integrating data sources with Google Data Studio

AdWords connector
Attribution 360 connector
Google Analytics connector
Google Cloud SQL connector
BigQuery connector
Google Sheets connector
MySQL Connector
YouTube Analytics connector

Templates for Google Data Studio

Google have built some pre-made templates that can be shared and customised, by adding more pages or changing the widgets. This is an Overview of Adwords Performance.

Google Data Studio lets you turn your analytics data visual reports through data integration using bar graphs, charts, line graphs and more. Google Sheets that store data such as Facebook Ads or Facebook can also be pulled into Google Data Studio.



This is an e-commerce dashboard template.




Google Video introduction to Data Studio. 


This is the YouTube ready-made reporting template





Check out our premade templates –  Adwords Free Data Studio Template, and Google Analytics Data Studio Template.



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