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The Ultimate Facebook Ads Report Data Studio Template!

To get set up you can follow the steps below, or book a free webinar at the bottom of this page.

Steps to Get Set Up Now !

Step 1. Create a Free Google Data Studio Account

*** If you are already using Google Data Studio, you can skip step 1.

If you have an existing Google account that you use for other Google services such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Gmail, YouTube etc. you can login directly here.
You also need to make sure this email address is a user in your Facebook Ads account to allow data integration. 

Step 2: How to get your Facebook Ads Data into Google Data Studio

Set up a Third-party Data Studio Connector

Our free Facebook Ads template (or any other Facebook template ) requires a third-party connector to link your Facebook Ads account to Google Data Studio. Facebook is the data source, and the data set is a virtual representation of this within Google Data Studio.

We have reviewed several third-party data connectors, and this is the best one we have found in terms of performance and price is a company called Power My Analytics. You can get a Free Trial for 2 Weeks-  FREE TRIAL
This company charges a monthly fee of less than $10 dollars per month, per Facebook Ads account. 

They also offer volume discounts for multiple Facebook Ads account data connectors, or when using with other advertising platforms such as LinkedIn Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads, Amazon Ads etc.

Step 3. Copy a Template to your Data Studio Account based on your Campaign Objectives

Attach to the new data set you created for Facebook (In step 2). 

We have a few templates that are the same except for the campaign objective metrics.
The template you choose is based on your industry. for example: Do you want to generate leads or e-commerce sales? 

Facebook have campaigns for different business objectives, each with a different set of reporting. We have created templates for the most popular campaign/objective types below- and will continue to update this page with the remaining campaign objective templates. These are listed at the bottom of the page. 

Template reports are based on campaign objectives include: 

  • Website Conversions for Leads, 
  • Website Conversions for e-commerce, 
  • Lead Ads on Facebook, 
  • Messenger Ads 
  • and more!

You can copy and paste pages from one report (campaign objective) to another to fine-tune exactly what you want= especially if you are using lots of different campaign types.  

Over time we shall have templates for each campaign objective. In the meantime, we have created templates below for the most popular ones. To learn more about Facebook campaign types, check out this article Facebook Ads campaign objectives guide – and also this post.

Step4: Error Messages

* ** Skip this step, unless you get errors.

If you have completed the steps above, and see errors with report chart elements you can follow these steps to fix the issue (We have also created a video example below).

The most common issue will be because the default data set is not being picked up. A data set can be attached at three levels: 

  • Report (default),
  • Page
  • Individual Chart.

If a chart is not picking up the data set, it needs to be manually attached. The process is easy – and we cover this in the video below. The good news is that when you have connected it, it works the next time you log in to the report automatically. We also offer a free webinar for more in-depth training. You can sign up for this below. 

Conversions - Leads

See your website leads as conversions on Facebook.

Website Conversions – using leads as conversions is for companies generating leads on their website.


Conversions - eCommerce Sales

See your sales as conversions inside Facebook

Website Conversions – using sales as conversions is for companies generating eCommerce sales on their website.

Lead Ads

See your Lead Ads Data

Leads Ads capture leads on Facebook as conversions, and is companies generating leads.

Coming Soon!


Summary List of Template Reports

Click links to open up template reports based on Facebook Campaign Objectives

We shall continue to add more campaign objective reports.
Some metrics vary significantly based on campaign objective, particularly the conversion-related ones. 

Over time as Facebook changes, we shall also update the template with these features. So in the future you can always return to this page and get the latest template. 


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