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LinkedIn Ads has around 500 million active users. This social network has a business focused audience, making this PPC system well suited for business to business advertising.

Advertising Approach


Company Analysis +

We learn about your target market and business products or services. We define the best starting points for targeting your prospective customer profile.

Page Review +

We review your company's Linkedin Ads page and website landing page to see how your business offering is conveyed. 

Competitors +

We research your competitors to assess their advertising footprint

LinkedIn Ads Review +

If you already use LinkedIn Ads, we list the short term quick wins- as well a long run plan for ongoing growth.


Advert Copy +

We write ads for LinkedIn to test which parts of your company’s offering appeal most to prospects and customers.



LinkedIn Ads Setup +

We setup targeting and bidding strategies that best suits your company and advertising goals.

Account Structure +

We set up your LinkedIn Ads campaigns based on your goals and our experience, and to best suit your company’s advertising goals.


Google Analytics +

We use Google Analytics to analyse what happens off LinkedIn, on you website after the clicks on advert that goes to your website landing page. We make comparisons with other marketing channels and identify anomalies such as pages with high exit rates or bounce rates.

Conversion Tracking +

LinkedIn Ads conversion tracking also gives you a better understanding of the advertising results from website traffic campaigns. This is a key metric for ongoing campaign optimisation and expansion.


Ad Testing +

We will test 2-10 ads in all campaigns to help combat ad fatigue and improve conversions.

Campaign Expansion +

Expanding your PPC campaigns to reach more clients and providing a higher ROI to make your advertising more successful is what we do!

LinkedIn Ads Features Summary

LinkedIn is a social network with a business focused audience. LinkedIn Ads has targeting methods and advert formats to reach a target audience.

Text Ads is for driving  traffic from LinkedIn to your website. Text Ads are smaller and therefore start a lower entry price point. Well suited to direct response advertising that has measurable ROI goals.


Website retargeting gives advertisers the ability to retarget their website visitors or email contact list with ad content on LinkedIn.

Promote your content with targeted native advertising.Publish your content in the location most viewed by LinkedIn visitors – the LinkedIn feed

Target your audience based on accurate, first-party data in the professional profile. Raise awareness, drive quality leads, and build customer relationships

  • Drive conversions with personalized messages
  • Reach audiences that matter most to your business across desktop and mobile
  • A/B test to measure what messaging resonates with target audience

Create audiences using Account Targeting and Contact Targeting to target lists of emails or companies.

LinkedIn Ads Plans

We provide comprehensive service with competitive and flexible pricing based on LinkedIn Ads features managed. We work with you to select the most relevant features for your company’s industry and target market. We provide custom plans and fixed monthly plans. 

LinkedIn Ads Monthly Plans
  • Hours Per Month
  • Text Ads
  • Remarketing Website
  • Remarketing Email List
  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored InMail
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LinkedIn Ads Growth
  • 5 Hours
  • x
  • x
  • x
  • x
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LinkedIn Ads Advanced
  • 7 Hours Per Month
  • x
  • x
  • x
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LinkedIn Ads Everything
  • 10 Hours Per Month
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@£250 Per Month
@£350 Per Month
@£550 Per Month

LinkedIn Ads Management FAQ

Who pays for the advertising fees? +

The client advertiser pays LinkedIn directly. One PPC just charge for the setup and management time.

What should the advertising budget be? +

Just about any budget is fine to start with. Budget can be increased based on the return on investment for LinkedIn. PPC platforms often have sweet spots for different industries.

What do I need to provide? +

We shall send an agency invite so we can access your account through our multi-account login. We provide assistance to this upon booking the audit or new account setup.

The next step is to signup for monthly management.

How do I cancel or pause the monthly service? +

We just require 7 days’ notice before the next month’s renewal date. This also applies if we continue to manage your other PPC systems. If you wish to pick up again in the future, we can continue then.

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