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LinkedIn Ads has around 500 million active users. This social network has a business focused audience, making this PPC system well suited for business to business advertising.

Business focussed audience

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Ad Testing

Our LinkedIn Ads Management Process





We start our LinkedIn Ads services by understanding your business offering and USP’s, target customers and results from any other marketing channels used. We then plan the appropriate campaign objectives and ad creative.

We review your website landing page and LinkedIn company page to identify any obvious bottlenecks from the outset.

We research your competitors advertising efforts on LinkedIn, and notable strategies in Google.

If you are already using LinkedIn Ads, we review your LinkedIn advertising account to identify all the quick win opportunities and also provide a longer term plan for ongoing growth.

If you are new to LinkedIn Ads, we complete audience research and create a plan for account setup.

We use LinkedIn Ads Matched Audiences to understand more about your website users such as demographics, interests and websites visited.

We organise your LinkedIn ads account based on your business objectives, performance data, and our experience. We create campaigns using all the relevant targeting features, and optimise for direct response or brand advertising goals.

We configure your LinkedIn campaigns with settings such as geographical targeting and bidding strategies that best fit your business and advertising goals.

We use LinkedIn Ads conversion tracking for recording website leads or sales to further optimize your campaigns.

We setup and manage LinkedIn Ads campaign tracking in Google Analytics to track website conversions.

Google Analytics provides deeper insight into what happens when someone leaves LinkedIn to visit your website.

We write ads to test which parts of your business offering appeals most to your current and prospective customers.
We combine creative and analytical skills to write and design beautiful, unique and engaging ad copy. We tailor each ad across your account to optimise ad copy.

We make sure that you’re taking maximum advantage of your allotted budget. Control spend by bidding for a target CPA or brand objective- so the areas with the best ROI are allocated the most budget.

We test a control ad version against another 1-2 advert versions get the performance metrics based on CTR, conversion rate, conversions per impression and more.

Expanding your campaign to get more reach and provide a higher ROI is top priority.

Selecting Campaign Objectives

Conversions and Lead Generation is the best starting point for direct response marketing

Direct response focuses on measurable campaign objectives such as leads or sales on LinkedIn, your website or your app. The next stage is building a full marketing funnel on LinkedIn using top and mid-funnel objectives.

Choosing Audience Targeting

The minimum size is 1000 LinkedIn users. Build segmented audiences to avoid overlap

We organise Campaigns by type of audience such as industry, company size and job title, or fine tune the most relevant combination of your target audience . 

LinkedIn Ads website-demographic

Matched Audiences

We setup LinkedIn to match your website remarketing cookie list, or email list.

We use matched audiences is an effective way to identify your most relevant targeting options on LinkedIn. 

Ad Creative

The available ad creative formats on LinkedIn are extensive. Different formats are better suited to your goals.

Short Text Ads, Longer Sponsored Content, Personalised emails or video.


Turn More LinkedIn Ads Clicks Into Customers

Reduce wasted spend and capitalise on new opportunities with an expert LinkedIn Ads management company.

LinkedIn Ads Targeting

LinkedIn Ads Management Plans

We provide comprehensive service with competitive and flexible pricing based on LinkedIn Ads features managed. We work with you to select the most relevant features for your company’s industry and target market. We provide custom plans and fixed monthly plans.

LinkedIn Growth

7 Hours Per Month

£ 349
  • Campaign Objectives
  • Website Conversions
  • Lead Generation
  • Website Visits

LinkedIn Advanced

10 Hours Per Month

£ 499
  • Campaign Objectives
  • Same as Growth
  • Engagement
  • Video Views

LinkedIn Unlimited

15 Hours Per Month

£ 749
  • Campaign Objectives
  • Same as Advanced
  • Video Views
  • Brand Awareness

Client Experience

LinkedIn Ads Management FAQ

The client advertiser pays LinkedIn directly. One PPC just charge for the setup and management time.

Just about any budget is fine to start with. Budget can be increased based on the return on investment for LinkedIn. PPC platforms often have sweet spots for different industries.

We shall send an agency invite so we can access your account through our multi-account login. We provide assistance to this upon booking the audit or new account setup.

The next step is to signup for monthly management.

We just require 7 days’ notice before the next month’s renewal date. This also applies if we continue to manage your other PPC systems. If you wish to pick up again in the future, we can continue then.

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