LinkedIn Ads Integration Services

Increase leads and improve lead quality to get a better ROI

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Better Lead Quality

Go beyond standard cost per lead events by optimising for customers

Data Integration

We can help integrate your CRM, Email and other systems with LinkedIn Ads

Complete Sales Funnel

We build marketing funnels from direct response to branding, generating the best ROI

Marketing Automation

Send leads to the sale department or enrol them in a lead nurturing cycle.

Superior Reporting

Measure not only cost per lead, but also cost per customer, or even cost per sales quote etc.

Improved Optimisation

Using first-party data you will capture more conversions and therefore improve bid accuracy and ROI.

CRM Integration

Integrating a CRM system with your LinkedIn Ads is a powerful way to drive better results for your business. By combining the power of LinkedIn Ads with your CRM data, you can gain a more comprehensive view of your target audience, optimise your targeting, and ultimately drive more sales.

But that’s not all – by integrating your CRM system with LinkedIn Ads, we shall also streamline your lead generation process. We automatically sync leads from LinkedIn Ads into your CRM system, making it easier to follow up and convert those leads into sales.

Offline Conversion Tracking

With Offline Conversion Tracking and more first-party data, we can take your LinkedIn Ads to the next level and make data-driven decisions that lead to better results. As third-party cookies become less reliable, adopting these strategies is crucial for the success of your LinkedIn Ads campaigns.

We can use the click ID in your CRM its a critical step towards tracking offline conversions and syncing them back to LinkedIn Ads. Don’t miss out on valuable conversions that occur outside of the online platform – record them and optimise your campaigns for even better results.

Lead Nurturing & Marketing Automation

By using a CRM system for lead nurturing and other marketing automation with LinkedIn Ads, we help  businesses to automate lead nurturing, personalise messaging and optimise follow-up, lead scoring, and integration with other marketing tools.

With the integration of a CRM system, we help businesses to content and communication to each lead based on their interests, engagement history, and behaviour.

We create a seamless workflow, driving conversions and growth, and provides valuable insights into which campaigns and channels are driving the most conversions and optimise marketing efforts accordingly.

Integrating You First Party Data

To gain an edge over your competitors, we can help you to use more first-party data through audience partner integrations instead of relying solely on LinkedIn’s standard targeting options.

For instance, by us identifying companies that visit your website using their IP address, we can leverage company match company list targeting on LinkedIn, along with job roles, to retarget all decision-makers in the company, not just those who visited your website, and more!

Take Your Lead Generation to New Levels

Our Experience

At One PPC, we understand the unique challenges that come with advertising in the professional services B2B space.
We have extensive experience in managing LinkedIn Ads for e-commerce companies, and we are committed to helping you achieve success.

Our Flexible Subscription Model

We believe in providing you with the flexibility to adjust your advertising as needed, without the burden of a long-term contract. That’s why we offer a monthly subscription model, giving you the freedom to make changes as needed.

Our subscription model allows us to work closely with you to understand your business goals and to create a tailored advertising strategy that meets your specific needs. We are committed to providing you with the best possible service and helping you achieve success.

Linkedin Ads Audit

£90 Per Hour

. We only believe in providing a comprehensive service. We do provide flexible pricing based on the time required to manage your account. We work with you to get the best results for your industry, target market, and goals.

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