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Twitter Ads

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Bing Ads Features Summary

Twitter Ads, is a sponsored advertising platform provided by Twitter.
Promoted Tweets are tweets which show at the top of searches on related topics, user’s timeline when the user follows the account and Promote Tweets into the home timeline of the specific group of people that you are targeting. Promote Tweets to users when they visit profiles and tweet detail pages on Twitter.
Promoted Trends use a sponsored topic at the top of Twitter’s “trending topics” box, to reflect most-discussed topics on Twitter at any given time.
Promoted Accounts. Target Twitter users for people to follow; promoted accounts offer a way for brands to gain more followers.

Act on signals of intent by delivering timely messages to users based on what they’ve recently Tweeted or engaged with in Tweets. Keyword targeting allows you to reach Twitter users based on keywords in their search queries, recent Tweets, and Tweets they recently engaged with.

Because you can reach people for whom your message will be most relevant and top of mind, this targeting option puts you in a better position to drive engagements and as well as leads and conversions. Apply keyword match type for more precise targeting.

Target the followers of relevant accounts to reach people who are likely to be interested in your content.Targeting @usernames allows you to reach users with interests similar to followers of any of those accounts. For example, enter @TwitterAds to target people likely to be interested in advertising on Twitter.
Serve up your campaign to users whose interests broadly align with your business. Interest categories increase potential reach. We will target users interested in any of the categories you enter, in addition to any @usernames you enter above.
Tailored Audiences uses your own CRM lists to reach specific groups of users on Twitter.

Select the market you want to target. These audiences from Twitter partners are based on actual online and offline behaviors and characteristics. Users will be eligible for targeting if they fit with any of the behaviors you select.

Reach high-intent audiences on Twitter based on shopping and spending patterns.
Target users who engage with television programs in a specific market. Some shows and ads will be available in multiple markets. Manually select specific show conversations with conversation targeting
Event targeting reaches people interested in global or regional events.
Expand reach by targeting similar users.If you would like to reach only users similar to those in the above tailored audiences and not users in those audiences (that is, only lookalikes), you should exclude the same audiences in the limit targeting by excluding audiences section below.

One PPC Bing Management Process





We define your company offering and target market to understand and define the best way of targeting your prospective customers on Twitter.

We review your company’s Twitter page and website to see how business offering is conveyed.

We research your competitors to assess their advertising footprint on Twitter.

If you already use Twitter Ads we create a short term quick wins list- as well a long run plan for ongoing growth.

We write ads using the range of ad formats available on Twitter, and test which parts of your company’s offering appeal most to prospects and customers.

We setup campaigns using the targeting methods and ad format that best match your company and advertising objectives.

We set up your Twitter Ads based on your goals and our experience applying the most applicable settings to best suit your company’s advertising goals.

Using Twitter Keyword Search targeting, we identify keywords that your prospective customers use to find the services or products your company offers.

We use Google Analytics to analyse website traffic from Twitter Ads. We measure engagement and identify anomalies such as landing pages with high exit rates or bounce rates.

Twitter Ads Conversion tracking measures advertising results that happen off Twitter on your website.

We schedule weekly and monthly reports showing advertising costs, conversions (leads) and related key performance indicators.

We will test 2 to 3 ads in your most important ad groups at all times to help combat ad fatigue and improve conversions.

Expanding your campaigns to reach more clients and providing a higher ROI to make your advertising more successful.

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Monthly Twitter Ads Management

We work with you to identify and implement the most relevant Twitter Ads targeting features for your company’s industry and target customer market. ComprehenInsertsive service with flexible pricing based on Twitter Ads features setup and managed. For budgetary purposes, fixed monthly pricing is listed. We also provide custom plans, and also combined plans with the other PPC platform packages we offer.


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  • Follower Targeting
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Bing Ads FAQ

This is how much your pay Twitter for advertising on their platform. Their is no minimum budget or maximum budget. It is best to test the most suited targeting and expand based on the return on advertising.

A lead or sale is recorded in Twitter and Google Analytics.

Agency access to your Twitter Ads account. We can also use your login if you are new to Twitter Ads. We shall provide assistance upon booking the audit or new account setup.

Payment is monthly in advance

We just require 7 days’ notice before the next month’s renewal date. If you wish to pick up again in the future, we can continue then.

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