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The One PPC Partnership

One PPC are here to help you increase leads and sales! We are specialists in Facebook and Google advertising
Having initially started with Google Ads, we expanded into Facebook advertising

With years of advertising experience, we have helped companies across a range of industries within the SMB market.
Want more leads for B2B and b2c services or looking to increase e-commerce sales? We can help!

Client Focused

We provide an innovative approach to every client we partner with using a mix of best practises combined with the unique elements of each industry.

SMB Pricing

Our affordable packages offer a range of starting options, along with scaling over time.

Expert Advertisers

We consistently deliver projects with a creative approach, scientific data driven knowledge, transparency and commitment to your success.


With Facebook Ads You Acquire Customers In Ways Search Advertising Can't

With billion of active Facebook users everyday, we can help you connect with prospects and existing customers across Facebook and to your website or apps— to buy more new customers in ways that search can’t.

With Instagram Ads we can extend your social media advertising

Successful businesses know the consumer journey has changed too much to wait for people to come to them. Now, through Facebook’s dynamic ads, products find people before people find products.

Expand Reach to Messenger, WhatsApp and Audience Network.

We provide a seamless advertising experience across the Facebook advertising network including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and the Facebook Audience Network. 

Lead & Sales Funnels

We set up Facebook to build purchase funnels which increase awareness, influence consideration and drive conversions. We can set up Facebook to record both online and offline conversions which improves advertising profit and drive more conversions. 

Work with an expert Facebook Ads Agency

Improve your advertising ROI across the whole Facebook Ad Network and Instagram.


We can find your ideal prospects and customers on Facebook and generate strategies to drive conversions and brand awareness.


We create a range of ads testing creative assets and copy across a range of campaign objectives to delivery the best mix of volume and profit.


Our focus is achieve a profit target such as- a target cost per lead or cost per sale or ROAS.


We are always looking to scale your Facebook advertising, and we can also provide integrated strategies with Google Ads.

Our Facebook Metrics at a Glance!
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