Swagger Home Furnishings (Facebook Ads)

Find out how One PPC helped Swagger Home Furnishings grow their Facebook advertising sales by over £4000 per day

Rapid Growth

Fastest advertising account we have ever scaled.


Achieved an ROAS well above the target 10.0.


Over 200K sales per month during summer peak season.



Swagger Home Furnishings is an e-commerce business providing the very best in classic & contemporary designer furniture, home-ware & accessories. They have been in business for over 10 years with online sales above £1 million each year. 

Quality and range, transparency and customer service is at the centre of their services, and it was important for Swagger to work with an agency that shared these values. The average order value can be around 2K, which is high for online furniture. sales.

Swagger’s main acquisition of new customers has traditionally been through Google Shopping with some Standard Search campaigns. Over the last 9 months, they had seen their advertising profits starting to decline on Google. Facebook Ads had been tried in the past – but had failed to achieve a positive ROI. 

Challenges & Goals

Swagger had worked in fits and starts with Facebook Ads over the years with little to show for their efforts. They decided to approach One PPC to try Facebook Ads one more time but from an original, fresh perspective. Initially, Swagger’s primary advertising goal on Facebook was to get as much sales revenue as possible with ROAS of 10.0. (Spend £1 and get £10 back). Secondary goals were to grow brand awareness on Facebook and develop Facebook as a long term sales channel as a backup to Google. 

Following our initial review and analysis, we identified challenges such as:

  • Technical issues with product catalogue not working and the pixel tracking installation ineffective. 
  • Limited Facebook advertising history with patchy sales data which rendered it impossible to analyse and improve.
  • 1000’s of products with variable performances based on seasonality and stock availability. 


In order to tackle this challenge, we first needed to get the Facebook product catalogue and pixel tracking working properly.

The product catalogue was not pulling in some of the mandatory product attribute columns making the data feed from the website to Facebook unusable. We set up conditional rules which rewrote some of the text of a column based on the type of product. This cleaned up the data feed and made the data feed acceptable to be uploaded and approved as a catalogue on Facebook.  

We then set up the Facebook Pixel extension for Magneto to replace the old approach of tagging the website with the Facebook pixel event code. 

We wanted to advertise at different stages of the Facebook advertising funnel for maximum reach and sales. It was necessary to set up campaigns that targeted cold traffic, as well as warm and hot traffic to get maximum benefit from Facebook. 

In order to meet this challenge, we created a few personas for testing ads and targeting. 

One of the ways we are able to reach such a high ROAS is due to our approach towards testing ad creative messaging and targeting. Doing so has dramatically improved the ROAS for Swagger, has maintained an average well over 10.00 since we began our partnership, and has driven hundreds of thousands of pounds of sales. 

This approach has driven significant results for Swagger during the time we have been working together, with consistent Facebook advertising results that have been scaled with an increased budget as the positive results were delivered ongoing.

Dynamic Remarketing Ads:  to retarget past customers who visited the website in the last 14 days and had not purchased These are warm to hot audiences. These ads are designed to show users the products they may have looked at on the website which when combined with a re-marketing discount, e.g. 10% off, drives purchases and recaptures lost customers.

Lookalike campaigns: for targeting people on Facebook that are the most similar to your website purchasers. We tested audience size vs similarity to achieve the most sales above the target ROAS. Initially, we tested smaller and more similar audiences, but over time-scaled to larger audiences to continue sales growth. 

Interest-Based campaigns: New campaigns created and implemented targeting cold audiences with interests around Garden Furniture. We tested single interests vs combined interests, layered with demographics. 

Engagement campaign: After one month of advertising, we set up an engagement campaign to target people who had engaged with Swagger’s Facebook Page, Instagram Page and Ads, over 30 days previously.


Since working with Swagger Home Furnishings we have:

  • Grown sales by over £100,000 per month after working together for just over 12 weeks.
  • Achieved almost 200K in sales during the peak month of Summer.
  • Achieved a Facebook ROAS over 10.0 – above the ROAS profit target.
  • Cold Traffic accounted for 70% of sales, with warm and hot traffic making up 30%
  • Driven hundreds of thousands of  website visitors from Facebook Ads
  • Implemented Facebook campaigns with the range of audience targeting
  • Created a consistent and effective ad creative that focuses on key USP and brand messaging. 
  • Worked closely with the client, as well as internally throughout the duration of our campaign management. 

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