Creating audiences for targeting on Facebook can be done during the setup of a new campaign, or using Facebook Audience Insights. You can choose between everyone on Facebook, people connected to your Page or a Custom Audience. Select either your Facebook page audience or your website visitor list. Facebook will then provide a comparative bar chart showing how your audience compares to the Facebook average. Using this data, it is possible to filter the new audience by demographics, location, interests like and activity, as well as partner category metrics like family earnings, etc.


Facebook Audiences Insights

To open up Facebook Audience Insights, select Tools and click through to audience insights. Once you have created an audience, use Save Audience to add this list to your assets on Facebook.


Building audiences are filtering by demographics, locations, interests, page connections and partner categories. Basic demographics included age, gender, language- as well as more detailed demographic options like parents, relationship status, education, generation and more.  The example screenshots below use education for demographic targeting, interest targeting and behaviour targeting.

demographics facebook


Location targeting for building audiences works with countries, cities or even postcodes.

locations targeting facebook


Use interests to target people who have shown an interest on Facebook in education. Demographic education targeting uses current education status- rather than new education interests.


Behaviours targeting include partner categories which are based on purchased off Facebook.

facebook behavior audiences

Target people connector to your page, or friends of people connected to your page, or exclude existing page Fans.



Saving Audiences

Once the new audience is complete, choose Save Audience!

 facebook audiences control

Access past audiences created by selecting Open.

custom audience facebook

Once the audience is created and ready to use, create a new ad to use this audience for targeting your ads.

create audience

Start again with audience research to build new audiences.



Doing audience research before deciding on a list of target audiences is a good way for audience split testing to work out which targeting works best.

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