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Find out how One PPC helped Click Mortgages reduce their daily budget by 39% and and still got more leads..


Reduced Daily Budget by 40%


35% increase in leads


Increase profitability by 60%


Back Story / Challenge

Click Mortgages is a mortgage broker dedicated to helping people with past credit problems arrange mortgages. Click Mortgages mantra is to provide a fast, personal and professional service that is focused on ensuring their client’s mortgage applications are given the best chance of success – and achieve the most suitable bad credit mortgage. 

In a low margin, highly competitive industry with banks, brokers and other credit institutions all in conflict for clients; care, effort and attention to detail are at the heart of Click Mortgages services, so it was important for them to work with an agency with the same values. 

Click Mortgages had been spending thousands of pounds per day on Google Ads – which has been the main channel of getting new customers. Over the prior 6 months, Click Mortgages had seen their advertising profits decline on Google. They needed more leads – but also more profitable ones with a lower cost per conversion.


Click Mortgages had an existing agency managing their Google advertising – but wanted to see if there was room for improvements. They reached out to One PPC and we created a proposal to improve what was in place but failing. 

Initially, Click Mortgages primary goal was to get as many leads as possible with an average cost per lead 35% lower than it currently was. 

  • Following our initial audit review, we identified several main challenges:
    Landing pages were suited for desktop, but over 70% of traffic was mobile.
  • Budgeting and bidding strategies could be vastly improved to get a better ROI.
  • Account structure was spread out making it harder to manage, report on or optimise.


Click Mortgages needed an agency with experience in the financial sector. One PPC was appointed due to our previous work within the financial sector and our ability to provide a unified marketing strategy with advertising and their website landing pages. The key to the success of this relationship was planning, testing and improving. 

Google Ads

We reorganised the account structure to have one campaign per service type, along with a generic campaign. We then organised the ad groups into more specific themes with relevant ads and landing pages. This led to the first improvement which was an increase in the quality score which made the cost per click lower, therefore reducing advertising costs. Having a higher quality score also led to more impressions by winning more auctions. 

We tested a range of bidding strategies including using our own in-housing bidding script with rules for achieving an average cost per lead (CPA). We also set up automated bidding using the target CPA for some campaigns. 

We ran A/B testing with ads and landing pages to test the business offering to learn what was most appealing to people searching in Google. After extensive testing, we knew what parts to emphasise on landing pages.

These strategies have driven significant results for Click Mortgages during the time we have been working together.

Google Optimize/ Landing Page Testing:

We ran experiments using Google Optimize to improve conversion rate. We A/B tested pages, then specific versions of a page to narrow down the best options for building improved landing pages. Over time we redeveloped the whole website to have a consistent brand across pages after in-depth data-driven testing. 

Google Tag Manager:

We set up tagging to record leads from live chat, phone calls and forms as conversions using Google Tag Manager. 

Facebook Ads

After seeing significant success from this campaign, Click Mortgages was keen to explore Facebook advertising. So, we began to introduce several cold and warm audience campaigns, including;

  • Lookalike campaigns: for targeting people on Facebook that are the most similar to Click Mortgages website visitors. We tested audience size vs similarity to achieve the most sales at or above the target ROAS. 
  • Interest-Based campaigns: We created a campaign targeting cold audiences with interests related to mortgages. We tested single interests vs combined interests, and we also combined interest targeting with lookalike audiences to better qualify the target audience. 
  • Engagement campaign: Targeted people who had engaged with the Click Mortgages Facebook page, Instagram page and adverts.

Over time the cold traffic campaigns became a higher percentage of the overall sales, and are currently more than 80% of sales are from cold traffic/higher in the funnel campaigns.


This approach has driven significant results for Click Mortgages during the time we have been working together. Since working with Click Mortgages we have:

  • Reduced daily budget by 40% 
  • improved cost per conversion. 
  • Increased leads by over 30%. 
  • Built landing pages with a higher conversion rate. Later on, we redesigned the whole website to build a consistent brand from initial testing data. 
  • Set up Microsoft Bing Ads to gain more leads at the same target CPA. 
  • Implemented Facebook campaigns with the range of audience targeting with conversions from cold and warm traffic. 
  • Created consistent and effective ad creative that focus on key USP’s and messaging of the brand. 
  • Worked closely with the client on new campaigns. 

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