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Brand AND Cost Per Acquisition Objectives

Why Display Advertising ?

Display advertising “was” traditionally more effective for brand awareness. Nowadays display can also be very effective for running campaigns with sales and lead generation targets. Thanks to new targeting, such as behavioural audiences and advanced combination targeting, it is easier to optimise for cost per acquisition goals while also increasing brand awareness.


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CPA, ROAS or Brand Objectives

Awareness, Interest, Sales & Loyalty.

More impressions than Search Network Audiences

Text, image, interactive and video ads.

Advanced Combination Targets

Optimising towards CPA, ROAS and Brand Goals

Reach and Frequency Reporting

Target Industry Specialist Areas

Website Audience Conversion Funnels

Work with trusted PPC consultants

Advertising Approach





We create a Google Display Plan to understand more about your website users and how best to target them. Using the Google Display Planner and Audience Insights, we create a media plan to identify the best websites to retarget past website users.

We research your competitors advertising footprint to learn how they are advertising and acquiring traffic

We create ad versions to test your business offering and find out which copy and creative appeal most to your target market.

We setup conversion funnels based upon your website audience levels of engagement. We can optimise for CPA, ROAS or brand.

We configure the geographical targeting, custom ad scheduling and bidding strategy that best fit your business and advertising goals.

We control remarketing budgets by bidding to achieve the target objective. This could be a fixed CPA, Return on Ad Spend or just extra qualified traffic. This lets you choose where your remarketing budget is being allocated.

We setup and organise Display advertising campaigns based on the amount of products or services you offer taking into account your overall website structure, business goals and our experience.

We create extra remarketing campaigns for longer periods such as 540 days on the Google Display, and 280 days on Google Search.

We control spending by using a combination of bids and budget. We make sure the best performing areas are spending the most money.

We configure the frequency settings, audience segmentation, geographical targeting, custom ad scheduling and bidding strategy that best fit your business and retargeting goals.

We test a control ad version against another 1 or 2 advert versions in order to get the best mix of CTR, conversion rate, conversions per impression or branding for your advertising objectives.

We follow an approach that is the best combination of manual management, programmatic and machine learning.

Turn More Display Traffic Into Customers

Reduce wasted spend and capitalise on new opportunities with expert Display Advertising

Display Targeting

Display advertising is made up of millions of websites that show adverts. One PPC can help you target new customers across the whole of the Display Network to grow your brand and increase leads and sales.

One PPC design a remarketing conversion funnel by segmenting your website user audience based on levels of engagement. Retarget all your site visitors or only the most engaged audiences as they browse sites across the internet.

One PPC can help you retarget website audiences, and optimise towards advertising goals such as CPA, ROAS or brand.

Target people across the internet that are in-market for the services or products you offer. Reach people with commercial intent while they are comparing or researching before making a search or the purchase decision.

One PPC provides expert setup for in-market audiences and optimise for both costs per acquisition & brand advertising.

Managed Placements show ads on selected websites of your choice that your customers or known target audience visit. Show adverts across the website, or only on pages about content related to your services or products.

One PPC provide advanced setup such as combining website placements with your remarketing audience, or in-market audiences, similar audiences and more.

Contextual Placements match your ads to websites with targeting such as keywords, topics, remarketing and in-market audiences. Connect with your audience precisely when they show interest. Ads get matched to the central themes of each web page considering factors such as text, language, link structure and page structure.

Similar Audiences expands your reach by targeting people who have shared interests with people on your existing remarketing lists. Similar Audiences targeting works in the same way as Facebook Lookalike Audiences, both are more effective when the audience has at least one particular interest. Similar audiences can also use advanced combination targeting with other audience characteristics for cost per acquisition optimisation.

Topic targeting is based on types of website content. As content across the web changes over time, the pages on which your ads appear can change with it. Target your industry by selecting the most relevant topics for your products or services and combine topics with other display targeting options

Gmail Ads show adverts within Gmail. Most of the standard display targeting options work with Gmail Ads including keywords, affinity audiences, demographics, topics and similar audiences.

Use video adverts instead of text, image or responsive ads. Run video ads on YouTube as well as across millions of websites that make up the Display Network. Use traditional display targeting options such as in-market audiences, managed placement channels, contextual keywords, topics and affinity.

Customer Testimonials
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One PPC is excellent . I left a very expensive agency, and I am getting a far superior and personal service. Easy to reach and communication with them is straightforward. I can highly recommend One PPC.
Amra S
Vintage Carpets
First class. Researched our business and the competition, went the extra mile and generated big ticket sale in first four weeks and several more leads.
Steven F
Smith & Henderson
Really good work, helped increase our conversions and reduce costs. Thanks for all your help.
Chris E
Engage in Learning
Absolutely fantastic service that went way above and beyond expectations. I would highly recommend One PPC.
Rob S
Aaron Wallis Recruitment

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