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Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing continues to grow and remains a vital part of the digital mix. The most effective strategy today involves using a range of automations, along with integrations with various platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and more. One PPC use MailChimp to build your brand awareness and increase your leads and sales pipeline.

Email marketing is an important part of your digital marketing campaign to keep top of mind of new prospects and customers. It’s also a great way to reach your people on all devices. Our team of email marketing experts are here to help build  a strategy that achieves your business goals, delivering beautiful designs that make sure your campaign generate awareness, interest and action. Our email campaigns have with extensive analytics to track results and plan further optimisation.

Email Content Plans

We create an effective and purposeful content strategy to increase brand , engagement and conversions.

Repurpose your existing content assets and create new content to have a complete content strategy. 


We create compelling content plans with email schedules that are planned, structured and timed to link up with other marketing activity and initiatives. Our multi-channel marketing strategy ensure ongoing, multi-stage contact that delivers the desired results. We’ll also provide landing page testing and optimisation to ensure the both the email and landing pages are matched and continue to improve.

Types of Emails we Produce

Welcome New Subscribers

First impressions matter, so automate your welcome message to make sure no one slips through the cracks. Plus, you’ll get 5 times more orders per recipient compared to bulk emails.

Share Blog Updates

Don't let subscribers miss out on any of your posts. Instead, bring your blog to their inboxes. The RSS email campaign automatically pulls in content from your feed and delivers it to your contacts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Subscriber Thank you

Welcome site visitors who take a moment to join your audience. Say thanks with a friendly message or a special offer when someone signs up from your Mailchimp pop-up form.

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Follow up on Purchases

Each time a customer buys something from your store, you learn a little more about them. Use this knowledge to follow up with customers who've ordered any item from your store. Showcase new stuff and best sellers, or add custom product recommendations.

Rewards for best customers

Your most loyal fans deserve a little extra attention every now and then. Plus, automated emails to your best customers earn almost 6 times more orders per recipient than bulk campaigns.

Email by Date

Send an email based on when a subscriber joined your audience.

Each year, send an email based on a subscriber's list field date.

Respond to subscriber updates​

Group preferences can change for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, it's an opportunity to communicate a specific message. Use this automation to target contacts who've joined or been added to a group in your audience.​

Win back lapsed customers​

Bring people back to your website with hard-to-refuse offers. We use a an array of customer re-engagement series instead of a bulk email.

Email by Date

Email customer by their sign up date.

Email renewals

Email Marketing Templates

Expertly designed emails and functional landing pages needs quality content to do well in natural search.

We create effective, eye-catching email templates that are perfect for your business to run with MailChimp.

Our designs reinforce your brand and get influenced by industry research to help you get the best results from your email marketing. We can build on your existing ideas or create new ones. 

We create a few email templates that are also editable email to allow further refinements and testing.

Advertising & Email Marketing

The latest advancement of email marketing is working with PPC platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and more with email remarketing and lookalike audiences

LinkedIn In-Mail has revolutionised email marketing by combining with PPC targeting options. A lookalike audience of your email list allows you to expand your reach to the most similar people within the user databases of Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. 

A/B Testing for Email Marketing

We remove the guesswork by using A/B and multivariate testing to continually improve and test hypothesis.

We use MailChimp email marketing software to provide extensive campaign performance reporting. These reports will show you who opened and read your email and who clicked through to your website.

We integrate MailChimp with Google Analytics to track the customer journey from the email to your website to measure outcomes (i.e. website lead enquiry or sales order).

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