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Facebook Ads Pricing And Faq
Business Analysis & Research

We analyse your company while understanding your existing advertising, objectives, buyer persona, and overall goals. We then create an advertising strategy around this to get the best short-term results.

Campaign Setup & Launch

We set up account settings, audience targeting, and upload your assets and creatives. Then we write copy and manage campaigns based on their objectives.

Optimise & Scale

As data starts to drive in we continually optimise and scale the campaigns for long-term success. 

Management & Reporting

We spend time with you through a consultative approach to go over reports, helping you understand what the stats mean and where further opportunities lie.

Drive Sales, Leads & Registrations

Using our advanced Facebook advertising capabilities we implement a direct response marketing strategy and tactics best suited for increasing ROI.

Match Your Customers on Facebook

Already have an existing customer base? Advertising on Facebook could be the most effective option to help you scale the business into new locations and territories.

Beat the Competition

Get in early, land grab opportunities where your competitors are slacking and target those who are shopping with competitors.

Grow Brand Awareness

With photo, video and Stories ads, there’s a huge opportunity to effectively engage with those unaware of your product or service.

Facebook Ads Management Process

Our expert approach lets us build effective Ad campaigns to grow your leads and sales, and online presence. 





If you are already using Facebook Ads, we review your Facebook advertising account to identify all the quick win opportunities and also provide a longer term plan for ongoing growth.

If you are new to Facebook Ads, we complete audience research and create a plan for account setup.

We start our Facebook Ads management process by understanding your business offering and USP’s, target customers and results from any other marketing channels used. We plan the appropriate campaign objectives and ad creative. We are both a creative and analytical Facebook marketing agency

We research your competitors advertising efforts on Facebook, and notable strategies in Google.

Using Facebook Audience Insights, we understand more about your website users such as demographics, interests and websites visited.

We organise your Facebook advertising account based on your performance history, business objectives, and our experience. We create campaigns using all the relevant targeting features, and optimise for direct response or brand advertising goals.

We configure the Facebook campaigns with geographical targeting, custom ad scheduling and bidding strategy that best fit your business and advertising goals.

We review your website landing page, Facebook page as well as Facebook Audience Insights and Google Analytics.

We use Facebook pixel conversion tracking for recording website leads or sales, as well as to further optimize your campaigns.

We write ads to test which parts of your business offering appeals most to your current and prospective customers.
We combine creative and analytical skills to write and design beautiful, unique and engaging ad copy. We tailor each ad across your account to optimise ad copy.

We understand your customer persona, or test new ones. 

We test bidding strategies and budgets to get the best ROI to help make sure that you’re taking maximum advantage of your allotted budget.

We test a control ad version to get the best mix of CTR and conversions.

Expanding your campaign to get more reach and provide a higher ROI is top priority.

Facebook Ads targeting works across the Instagram platform, just as with the Audience Network of Facebook.
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Facebook Ads Approach

How We Do It

Work with an expert Facebook marketing agency that uses best practises and data to fuel your growth.

Comprehensive Facebook Advertising Services

Lookalike Audiences

Target people who are similar to your website users, email list or Facebook Page. Reach people on Facebook with shared traits as your customers such as location, age, gender, interests and behaviours. Lookalike Audiences are a way to reach new people who are more likely to be interested in your company because they’re similar to existing customers.

Website Remarketing

Remarketing on Facebook using Website Custom Audiences (WCA) is a powerful way to grow your brand on Facebook while also driving people back to your site. One PPC uses Facebook event tracking and custom goals to segment your site audience based on their engagement levels such as key pages viewed, session duration, recency and more.


Interests include what Facebook users share, pages they like and other activities both on and off Facebook. Facebook IQ is anonymous aggregated data of consumer and Advertising Insights based on two billion people.

Contact Remarketing

Facebook customer list remarketing lets advertisers use their marketing database of known contacts. Targeting is achieved using hashed emails addresses, phone numbers, Facebook users’ ids and mobile advertiser ids. These details are matched with Facebook’s already known database for the purposes of advertising.


Target people based on demographics like age, gender, relationship status, location, education, workplace and more.


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Re-target top-of-the-funnel prospects with lower-funnel targeting objectives such as website conversions and Lead ads.

Thank you for considering One PPC to submit a proposal for a Facebook advertising partnership with yourselves. With each of our clients, we bring the same level of creative energy and attention to detail. We believe our services will be of real value to you and your team,  and we look forward to developing a long and positive relationship.  Our services have a long and successful track record with reviews in the excellent ranking. (Please check our client reviews)

We are confident that you will find us to be of exceptional value to you and your team, and we look forward to developing a long and positive relationship. We work on a flat hourly rate and our policy is the opposite of the current industry norm which is that of binding clients to long drawn out contracts.

We do not require long-term contracts of any sort. Instead, we operate a rolling monthly subscription that renews each calendar month.
Our aim is to earn the renewal of your business on a monthly basis by way of successful campaign performances, transparent communication, continuing collaboration, and personal hands-on support in terms of ongoing tweaking as required.

We consider ourselves to be the digital marketing partner of our clients, and we take a real interest and pleasure in the growth of each and every company that comes under our wing. While we’re a boutique agency, we deliver big results, and on a consistent basis, we outperform most other agencies (based on historical data, please check our reviews). Each client receives attention as a  unique entity and our campaigns are developed purposefully and methodically to each individual organization’s requirements. 

As an agency specializing in Facebook Ads that has been awarded the coveted Facebook Ads Blueprint Certification and Google Ads Premier Partner Certification, we are handsomely equipped to help you fully maximize the benefits of Facebook advertising.

Upon request, we shall develop a proposal based on your website, as well as any communication we have had to date. If anything contained here is unclear, or you’d like to discuss the proposal in more detail, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always here to help and we look forward to working with you.

Our team consists of a team of outstanding advertising professionals  and inbound marketers. Advertising, at its core, is a personal medium, and we’re bringing the human factor back to an industry in which it is too often forgotten.

Marketing nowadays is about understanding and employing data metrics and not just making assumptions. 

Sure, having ideas to start with is a great platform, but combining this with using real quantitative data to measure and optimise performance is the crucial, essential key. 

Part of what we love about digital marketing is its transparency. You get all the information we get, including regular reporting, administrative access, and scheduled strategy calls. 

We’re going to make mistakes (at least we’re honest), but resolving issues and constant refining of the game plan is what ultimately results in long-running and exceptionally effective ad campaigns.

These are our values, and these are what we bring to every client relationship.

How do you know if all of this is working? Don’t worry – we provide reports including all the valuable campaign metrics and results. All data is pulled directly from your Facebook Ads or Analytics accounts, but it’s presented in a much more structured and organised way than the actual Google Ads dashboard itself.  

We’re focused on human-centric campaign management, with a healthy helping of sophisticated automation and organization utilizing best-in-class software, research platforms, and agency tools.

Weekly, monthly and quarterly, you’ll receive (right in your inbox), a report that reviews all the updated combined data. The weekly report will also include a performance comparison of the past week with the entire week before last. Monthly reports are the same thing, but the data is pulled over the course of the entire month and compared with the data from the month before last. The reports are highly client customizable and can include/exclude virtually any desired metric or key performance indicators in your account.  

Some of the standard elements of the reports are:  

  • Click-Through Rate & Relevant Score  
  • Cost Per Click & Overall Cost
  • Conversion Rate, Number of conversions, CPA, ROAS  
  • Top ads / Ad Sets / Campaigns 
  • Geographical Reports, Hour of The Day Chart 
  • Performance By Device (mobile/tablet/desktop).

Outline of Services

This a brief outline of our internal structure, intended to provide a broader overview of how we work. We vigorously endeavor to provide each account the level of attention and dedication it requires in order to maximize efficiency and profitability

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with billions of users globally. Facebook Ads are advertising methods of targeting Facebook users based on their demographics, behaviors, and interests on and off Facebook, as well as your known prospects and customers.

Facebook Ads is a rapidly developing advertising platform with new features and techniques for finding new prospects and customers emerging all of the time. Some audience targeting options are more suited for measurable cost per acquisition 

Audiences for Campaign Targeting:

We test a range of targeting options with different campaign objectives and advert types. 

Lookalike Audiences are a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your company/products because their online profile and interests are comparable to your existing prospects and customers.

We target people similar to your current customers on and off Facebook who share traits with your customers or prospective customers, such as location, age, gender, behaviors, and interests.

Lookalike Audiences are built from seed audiences such as your website traffic cookie list, email list,  Fans on Facebook and Instagram, as well as those most engaged with your ads.
We are extremely effective at reaching people lower in the marketing funnel using Lookalikes working well with campaigns optimising for conversions and direct response marketing. 

Interests include what Facebook users share, pages they like, and other activities both on and off Facebook. Facebook IQ is anonymous aggregated data of consumer and Advertising Insights based on two billion people.

Advertising on Facebook lets you built up a list of prospects who were most engaged with your ads, and then retarget them again. 

Also known as broad audiences. This targeting relies on geographical location layered with demographics like age and gender. 

Remarketing on Facebook using Website Custom Audiences is a great place to start! 
Grow your brand on Facebook while also driving people back to your website. Start at the bottom of your advertising funnel by capitalizing on existing website traffic.

Remarketing on Facebook using Custom Audiences (WCA) is a powerful way to grow your brand on Facebook while also driving prospects back to your site to convert into customers.

One PPC uses Facebook event tracking and custom goals to segment your website audience based on their engagement levels. Key pages viewed, session duration, recency, and more are analyzed in conjunction to create an optimum sales growth package.

Facebook customer list remarketing lets advertisers use their marketing database of known contacts. Targeting is achieved using hashed email addresses, phone numbers, cookies, server events, Facebook users’ ids, and mobile advertiser ids. These details are matched with Facebook’s already known database for the purposes of advertising. 

Time Frame

45 min – 1hr phone call with your company and your One PPC account management. Account Analysis to learn your key performance metrics such as spend, target cost acquisition CPA

We’ll use a number of different tools and strategies to learn as much as possible about your industry and present you with a thorough analysis tracking the advertising footprint of your biggest competitors.

Working collaboratively designing a long term campaign strategy while  building out new campaigns, restructuring current campaigns, and making  sure all setting are configured properly

We build a range of ad formats using existing imagery and copy assets.  Ad Types such as:

  • Lead Ads
  • Messenger Ads
  • Standard Website Conversions
  • Dynamic Ads

with a range of formats including: 

  • Single Image
  • Carousal
  • Video
  • Slideshoes

Testing conversions to ensure they are tracking properly. Integrating  Google Analytics if applicable.  

We’ll send you your Google Tag Manager container code for your developer to install, or we can install it for you after being granted backend access to your website. We’ll also install additional tags, like the Facebook pixel, remarketing tags, conversion tags, etc. using Google Tag Manager.

Phone call with your account management team to review all our work and get approval from your end to push new campaigns live.

Ongoing optimisations and regular strategy calls, along with everything else we do to increase campaign performance. Scheduling of your monthly strategy calls.


One PPC shall deliver Facebook Ads management services as a rolling month-to-month subscription contract. No long-term contract is required, but we can provide this if you prefer. 

We agree to use our best efforts to fulfill and exceed your expectation on the deliverables listed above. You agree to aid us in doing so by making available to us required information pertaining to your website and to cooperate with us in expediting the work.

Payment is due monthly in advance of each month’s service. Terms of payment cover the billing schedule and client agreement to pay. 

We’re sure you understand how important it is that you pay our invoices timeously.

A positive working relationship is always best maintained via a mutual understanding of our responsibility to keep the project moving forward efficiently and yours of regular payment as per the agreed payment schedule. 

Payment is made monthly in advance, as part of the rolling month-to-month subscription contract. 

You agree to pay our initial (1st) invoice upon receipt which will act as a payment for month one. The invoice for month two will be sent 7 days before the monthly renewal date. 

Every invoice after the first month will have 7-day payment terms. 
In the event payment is not made, One PPC reserves the right to stop work until payment is received.

You have the right to pause or cancel the month-to-month contract subscription services. One PPC does require confirmation  7 working days before the next month’s renewal date.

One PPC acknowledges its responsibility, both during and after the term of its appointment, to use all reasonable efforts to preserve the confidentiality of any proprietary or confidential information or data developed by One PPC on behalf of {client_name} or disclosed by {client_name} to One PPC

This includes but is not limited to GDPR. If you need us to sign an NDA we can do so, or we can provide our own mutual NDA.

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