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Facebook Ads Management Plans

We work with our clients to choose the most relevant advertising features for your business objectives, industry target market and business offering & USP’s.
We only believe in providing a comprehensive service but do offer flexible pricing based on the time required to do a great job. We charge a flat rate of £90 per hour & Vat for ad management services across various advertising platforms. 

Price Plans
£ 90
Per Hour
  • Minimum Term
  • The minimum term is one month. We do not require clients to commit to long-term contracts. Instead, we operate a rolling month-to-month contract with 7 day notice period. 

  • Included Hours
  • The number of hours included per month. 

  • Account Manager
  • You are allocated a dedicated account manager who is certified in Facebook Ads.

  • Competitor Research
  • We research your competitor's presence on Google.

  • Audience Research
  • In addition to setting up custom audiences, we research cold audience traffic that has never engaged with you before. 

  • Campaign Setup
  • We set up a range of campaigns split testing objectives, audience targeting, advert copy & assets, and optimisation strategies.

  • Ad Copywriting
  • Using your business offer summary, your website, and our recommendations we create copy for each stage of the funnel from cold to warm traffic. 

  • Management & Optimisation
  • We apply a range of tactics to identify new opportunities to scale your advertising further. 

  • Meetings & Communication
  • We communicate by email, as well as by scheduled phone calls and live screens shares. We typically allocated about 10-20% of the time each month for communication. 

  • Reporting
  • We provide dashboard reporting of Google Ads performance. This includes both summary and detailed reporting. 

    We also provide updates during the course of each month. 

  • Google Data Studio
  • We create a live report of Google Ads using Data Studio, proving summary and detailed performance in easy-to-understand reports.

    These are live reports with an interactive calendar, with performance data updating each day.

  • Google Analytics
  • We set up Google Analytics to report on all channels, including Google Ads.
    We understand what happens after the click as clients enter your website or mobile app.

  • Onboarding - One off Fee
  • This is a one-off fee to cover onboarding in month one. 

£ 630
  • 1 Month
  • 7 Hours
  • 5 Extra hours
  • This is a one-off fee to cover onboarding in month one. 

£ 900
  • 1 Month
  • 10 Hours
  • 5 extra hours
  • This is a one-off fee to cover onboarding in month one. 

£ 1800
  • 1 Month
  • 20 Hours
  • 5 extra hours
  • This is a one-off fee to cover onboarding in month one. 

Advertising across the Facebook Family of Apps
Facebook Placements

Show ads across Facebook from the newsfeed to stories.

Instagram New Logo May 2016
Instagram Advertising Services

Instagram is the second most popular social network, and Facebooks advertising is used here as well

1200Px Facebook Messenger Logo 2018.Svg
Messenger Marketing Services

Messenger is the most used instant messaging app in the world. Connect with people with automated mesages and delivery bots.

Whats App 128X128 1
WhatsApp Marketing Services

WhatsApp is the most popular phone App for making free calls and text communications.

Icons Audience Network
Facebook Audience Network

Similar to the Google Display Network, the Facebook Audience network conains millions of websites and apps that show ads from Facebook.

We Offer Amazing Facebook Advertising Services

From services companies looking to generate more leads to e-commerce companies wanting to increase online sales, we can help!

We split-test a range of audiences, campaign objectives, ad formats, and creativity to work out the fastest way to increase conversions. 

We set up funnels on and off Facebook to nurture leads and increase sales while increasing conversion rate.

We target audiences using a range of tactics that helps you scale your account. 

We follow a data-driven approach to test hypotheses across the combinations of variables. 

Getting the most out of advertising assets like images, copy, and videos helps to reduce advertising costs while increasing conversions. 

We follow an open and honest approach working month to month instead of tying you into a long contract. 

We explore a range of options to continue scaling your advertising on Facebook. 

Contract / Subscription

No long term contracts unless you want one! Rolling monthly subscription payment

We charge based on how many hours are required each month. A minimum of 8 hours is required for monthly management. 

We shall send you a proposal covering the terms of service – along with a quote that can be signed and paid online.

Yes. This agreement covers our terms of service and privacy confidentiality such as GDPR regulations.
However, we do not insist on long-term contracts. Instead, we operate a rolling 30-day subscription. 

The management fee is derived from the number of hours per month required to set up and manage your Facebook advertising or related services.

Our monthly contract has a 30-day subscription renewal. As long as 7-days notice is given before each month’s renewal, you have the option to discontinue the monthly subscription.

Payment Terms

We charge a flat rate of £70 per hour & VAT. This includes monthly management with a fixed set of hours per month or a one-off project. Hours can be split across Facebook and Google Ads.

We bill monthly in advance for our management services. The first invoice is paid before the work is started. The second invoice onwards is sent 7 days before the subscription renewal date. 

We offer online, direct debit or bank transfer payments. 

Your company credit card is billed directly by Facebook for the traffic purchased. We only charge for the management services.

Free Audit Report

Live 1-1 Screenshare or written report with recommendations to improve your advertising and marketing

  • Your historical ad spend must be more than 5K for all time on Facebook. This gives us significant performance data to conduct an audit. 
  • You are based in the UK, US, or Europe- and an authorized employee of the company that will be advertising. 
  • We do need you to email us from your work email address, and no Gmail, Yahoo, etc. accounts are eligible. 
  • You are not a marketing agency, web design company, etc. (We do not provide white label services for competitors). 

Yes. We usually find that most accounts can be improved significantly. The audit also gives us a chance to prepare a quote with recommendations.

We offer both written and 1-1 screen share audits. 

Having done lots of audits, we find that clients usually get the most out of the live screen share audit. The interactive and visual aspects have advantages.

We shall send a proposal along with the audit. We can run through any questions. Assuming you are happy to proceed, the next step is to signup. 
This is of course 100% optional. See our pricing page for budgetary estimates. 

We will require temporary access to your Facebook Ads accounting via our Business Manager partner login. We can also be added to Google Analytics. 

General FAQ

We currently work with companies in the UK, EU and US. We can invoice the equivalent hourly rate converted in your specific currency.

We communicate by email, scheduled phone calls and screen shares. We also provide summary and detailed reporting using tools such as Google Data Studio.

No, we do not offer white label services, and therefore do not work with other digital marketing agencies or competitors. 

Advertising Strategy

Everything for a successful advertising campaign.

Hourly Rate

We charge a flat rate hourly fee of £70 per hour, with a set of hours each month.

Monthly Subscription

Pay on a rolling month to month contract instead of being tied into a long-term contract.

Client Reviews

We have worked with a range of clients generated services based leads, as well as e-commerce sales.

Ad-hoc Services

If you have any other questions, not covered under this FAQ list, you can email us or request a callback. 

We initially use the brand assets that you provide such as images or video.
We can provide specialist services for video productions and graphic design to build images for an extra fee.  

Web design and development can be provided such as landing page design and web hosting

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