Improve Lead Quality​

Convert more Facebook leads into customers


Better Lead Quality

Go beyond standard cost per lead events by optimising for customers

Data Integration

We can help integrate your CRM, Email and other systems with Facebook Ads

Superior Reporting

Measure not only cost per lead, but also cost per customer, or even cost per sales quote etc.

Complete Sales Funnel

We build marketing funnels from direct response to branding, generating the best ROI

Marketing Automation

Send leads to the sale department or enrol them in a lead nurturing cycle.

Improved Optimisation

Using first-party data you will capture more conversions and therefore improve bid accuracy and ROI.

Advanced Lead Generation Strategies

Looking to elevate your Facebook Ads management? Our specialist lead generation services are precisely what you’ve been searching for. We go above and beyond industry-standard Facebook Ads management techniques and strategies by also leveraging advanced methodologies to generate high-quality leads for professional services companies. 

Go Beyond Cost Per Lead

Whether you’re utilising Facebook Lead Ads or Website Conversions, prioritising lead quality over quantity is crucial for success with Facebook Ads.

While generating a large volume of leads may seem appealing using Facebook Lead Ads, the true value lies in ensuring that these leads are genuinely interested in your offerings and have a higher likelihood of converting into qualified prospects and paying customers.

We enhance lead quality by tracking offline conversions, and seamlessly integrating your CRM. This enables Facebook Ads to score lead quality, helping train Facebook’s AI bidding to find more similar quality leads. This approach not only aids in lead generation but also focuses on obtaining the best mix of quantity and quality.

Customer Lifecycle Stages Optimise Events

CRM Integration

Integrating a CRM with Facebook Ads enhances both the quantity and quality of leads. The CRM provides valuable insights into lead behaviour, enabling smarter bidding strategies to attract better prospects. It also improves lead nurturing, facilitating a seamless sales process.

Furthermore, the CRM offers a comprehensive view of the customer journey, allowing for accurate attribution of sales to specific advertising efforts allowing us to drive more revenue growth.

Offline Conversion Tracking

It is very important to track offline conversions, especially as third-party cookies are being phased out. By recording the click ID, any conversions not recorded online can be synched back to Facebook Ads.

Capturing more 1st party data is becoming more important than ever. Integrating internal CRM or website systems

Custom Audiences

As with offline conversion tracking, integrating your CRM with Facebook Ads by uploading matched email addresses for bid optimisation and building similar/lookalike audiences 

Setting up a marketing automation solution using Zapier or the Facebook Ads API is the most efficient way of managing lists.  

Conversion API

Overall, enhanced conversion tracking helps advertisers make better use of their advertising budgets by providing more accurate data and insights into user behaviour. It can also help advertisers optimise their campaigns to achieve their business goals, such as increasing sales or generating leads.

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