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Find out how One PPC helped Inscripture grow become a million sales per year! Achieved a 500% ROAS 

Ad Spend

Grew annual advertising budget from 1ok to over 1 Million

Conversion Rate

Increased online conversion rate to over 1% for high-value products


Increased sales from a few hundred thousand to over millions


Back Story

Inscripture is an Award Winning family run business established in 2016 with a vision to create timeless, unique, sentimental and style savvy items to treasure.

Inscripture’s focus is on quality, customer service and reasonable pricing. They create and design personality driven items which are beautiful, original, meaningful, functional and, of course, unavailable to high street shoppers.

Each handmade item is unique and extremely sentimental to its owner so they take great care to give an exact engraving extracted from the image supplied. Quality, care and print accuracy are at the heart of their services, so Inscripture sought an agency that shared these values. 


They had used other advertising agencies, made inhouse changes and achieved minor improvements, but they suspected that there was a great deal of room for expansion in both sales and return on ad spend profitability. 

For example, as a niche market advertising on Facebook and Google for four years, search volume on both could be significantly improved and the current figure of below 300% ROAS indicated to us an extensive  unfulfilled potential.

During our initial in-depth analysis, we identified four key weaknesses/opportunities:

  • A niche area of e-commerce with a finite amount of searches. (Sales from Google advertising were a few hundred pounds per day across Search and Shopping campaigns, as well as remarketing.).
  • Profits were low – averaging around half the required ROAS 500%.  
  • Facebook Pixel had errors on a WordPress website that was not using Woo-Commerce. 
  • An inconsistent strategy across campaigns making it harder to learn and build momentum.


Facebook/Instagram Advertising

Lots of Facebook campaign types have been tried by other agencies reaching prospects at all stages of the marketing funnel. From Remarketing to website visitors or email lists, Interest and Lookalike targeting have all been tested with campaign objectives such as Brand Awareness, Video Views, Page Likes, Conversions, Product Catalogue Sales. The account average ROAS was below the minimum of 3.0 (300%).

In order to tackle this challenge, we began by implementing marketing campaigns at a stage in the marketing funnel considered warm/hot traffic. This is traffic that knows your brand- and may have previously been to your website, Facebook Page or App, or even engaged with your adverts on Facebook. 

Engagement Audiences: 

We set up an Engagement campaign retargeting anyone who has engaged with Inscripture’s’ Facebook page or ads in the last 365 days- but had not been to the website in 30 days. This campaign delivered a positive ROAS above 4.0 and has now leaped from £200 – £300 to over £1000 sales per day within a few weeks.
We are using A/B testing across advertising assets like imagery and copy. The ad types and campaign formats- such as dynamic product ads vs, single image, carousel and canvas are being tested and analysed..

Remarketing with Dynamic Product Ads:

We started Facebook with a dynamic remarketing campaign targeting anybody who had viewed a product page on Inscripture website in the last 14 days but had not purchased. We then re-targeted this warm traffic with ads showing a site visitor the exact products they looked at when on the website. 

This campaign immediately improved the conversion rate of past website visitors and quickly delivered ROAS over 5.0, and increased to above 10.0 in 3 months.

Cold Traffic/Top of Funnel Marketing:

To continue sales growth at the current rate it was necessary to expand targeting to people higher in the marketing funnel.
To meet this challenge, we implemented a range of campaigns targeting a wider audience testing with varying campaign objectives and ad creative.
We built personas for testing advert copy and targeting to increase click-through rate (CTR) and conversions while growing the brand of Inscripture.  Since the campaigns have begun, we have seen ongoing growth in the number of purchases from both our warm lower funnel and cold top of the funnel campaigns. 

  • Interests Audiences: 

As part of our research and planning, we identified several key audience groups for Inscripture which included interest groups such as gifts, life- events, competitors and more. We experimented with single interest audiences, as well as multiple interests with targeting. 

  • Lookalike Audiences: 

We set up Lookalike campaigns with audiences created from website value-based purchases by similarity and reach. We tested audience ranges and sizes in order to continue increasing revenue.  

Cold audiences targeted campaigns with interests and lookalikes continue to deliver an increasing percentage of the sales revenue on Facebook. A range of advert formats, images and text copy are under constant examination and testing  to continually improve ad copy for a higher CTR and conversion rate.

Google Search

In order to address these challenges we started by researching the overall company offering and competitor websites. We then audited the account creating a plan and project steps for improvement.  We also examined Google Analytics to learn what happened after the click on Inscripture’s website. 

Google Ads

With a plan of action, firstly, Google Ads were adjusted to increase sales and profitability.

We then improved the Shopping campaign by reorganising the product attribute hierarchy to build a campaign structure with ad groups for each product type on the website. We then split down further by sub-product type sub-categories. This taxonomy matched their website creating a retail centric view improving reporting and ongoing management. Inscripture now generated an average ROAS of over 500% for this campaign. 

For Google Search campaigns using Text Ads, we began with keyword research by mining the Search Terms report within Google Ads. We then consolidated the overall account structure by reducing the amount of campaigns running. With these new campaigns up and running using standard text ads, Inscripture had already almost doubled their original ROAS to over 500%.

We used a range of bidding strategies to achieve the highest volume of profitable sales. Both manual and automated bidding were thoroughly tested. 

Search Audience targeting

  • Demographics: We layered the Search campaigns age, gender and parental status making optimisations based on performance.
    Interest targeting: We re-structured and refined the Search campaigns with audience targeting including past website users, in-Market Audiences, Affinity Audiences and Similar Audiences to get better ROI.
  • Tested advert copy for Text Ads including Ad Extensions
  • Tested campaign settings to ensure optimal performance with ongoing improvement over time. 

Google Display Network

In addition to Google Display Dynamic remarketing, we are also using other targeting options across the Display Network to vastly increase impressions and traffic, while achieving a direct response sales target. We enormously increased impressions across the internet by millions per month using Google’s Display Network growing brand awareness and recall. 

After seeing significant success from the Search Network campaigns, Inscripture was keen to explore Google Display Advertising in more detail. The goal was to grow brand awareness with a much larger audience than just the Search traffic, and to achieve ROAS of 700%. 

To build a complete sales funnel we needed to set up campaigns that targeted cold traffic, as well as warm and hot traffic. If we could reach people at all stages of the marketing funnel we could grow sales much faster than just using Google Search. We set up campaigns at different stages of the funnel such as:

Website Remarketing: We created a remarketing funnel with recent short-term traffic, as well as a separate campaign for long term traffic up to 540 days.  

In-Market Audiences: We targeted audiences with interests such as garden furniture and outdoor living which increased impressions and reach into the millions very quickly. Over time the campaigns improved continuously and exceeded the required ROAS. 

Similar Audiences: We set up an audience that is most similar to conversion tracking purchasers then ran ads across the Display Network. Dynamic vs static ads were tested and compared in practice. 


This approach has driven stellar results for Inscripture during the time we have been working together. Since working with Inscripture we have:

  • Improved ROAS more than 100% in 1 month. 
  • Improved overall sales by more than 400% over 12 months. 
  • Increased sales from hundreds per day to thousands per day.
    Increased monthly revenues to the point where we are well on track to reach one million pounds annual sales.
  • Expanded advertising internationally.
  • Scaled ad spend increasing significantly while improving ROAS profits.
  • Achieved a much improved ROAS above the target 4.0.
  • Setup a complete Facebook Marketing Funnel as well as using most Google targeting options
  • Implemented sophisticated campaign strategies and implementations with the range of audience targeting and adverts. 
  • Created a consistent and effective ad creative that focuses on key USP and brand messaging. 
  • Communicating with the client and also internally while managing campaigns.

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