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Every day prospective customers are searching in Google for local service companies such as solicitors, builders, locksmiths, accountants, architects, car hire, dj hire, gardeners, carpet cleaners and pretty much every other local industry where it is important to meet customers in face to face locations. We also help companies with regional and national offices target the growing market of local searches.

The new Yellow Pages

Target local geographic markets

Track website leads and telephone calls in AdWords

Measurable Results to test and Improve

Target precise searches with local and comercial Intent

Increase local brand awareness & interest

Build up a website audience to remarket to

Ad copy testing & bid management

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Pay as you go for results. Month to month payment, or by the hour!

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Over 150 online reviews and counting from happy clients.

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Great service as usual.
Desmond D
Clean and Cleaner
Great service. Got everything set up as I need to. Will be going back for further work in future.
Mark S
Stewart Accounting

Advertising Approach





We learn about your local business offering and geographic target market to understand the ways a prospective customer could find you.

We review your company’s website and how your business offering is conveyed on the landing page.

We research your local competitors in Google to assess their advertising footprint

If you already use Adwords, we list the short term quick wins- as well a long run plan for ongoing growth.

We write ads to test which parts of your company’s offering appeal most to prospects and customers.

We setup local geographical targeting, bidding strategy and ad scheduling that best suits your company and advertising goals.

We set up your Adwords based on your goals and our experience. We set up local geographical targeting and ad scheduling to best suit your company’s advertising goals.

We identify keywords that your prospective customers use to find the services your company offers. For example, if you are a local accountant in Manchester, they can use keywords such as local accountant, accountant Manchester, accountant company, accountant services etc.

We use the Google Keyword Planner and Google Webmaster to identify a short list of keywords to start with.

We use Google Analytics to analyse geographic performance and leads by marketing channel. We identify anomalies such as pages with high exit rates or bounce rates.

We record the web to lead forms, calls from ads and calls from the website to increase leads or reduce cost per lead. Conversion tracking also gives you a better understanding of the advertising results.

Want to know how your account is performing? No Problem! We schedule weekly and monthly reports showing advertising costs, conversions (leads) and related key performance indicators. All reporting is taken directly from Google AdWords & Analytics.

We setup Location Extension, Call Extension, Sitelinks, Callouts, Prices, Structured snippets help improve adverts, increase CTR and take up more space on the page

We will test 2 to 3 ads in your most important ad groups at all times to help combat ad fatigue and improve conversions.

A keyword list is never complete. We continuously expand your existing keyword list as we acquire new data.

We analyse the search terms your ads appear for and optimise them for higher conversions.

Expanding your campaigns to reach more clients and providing a higher ROI to make your advertising more successful.

Cost Effective Strategies

We have vast experience across a diverse range local industries.We can help just about any local, regional and national company with local advertising.

Research on your industry, business and competitors

Define advertising objectives, target market & strategy

Write ads for your local business offer.

Refine ad versions with a/b testing

Comprehensive keyword research

Set targeting for geographic location

Measure and optimise to meet advertising objectives

Grow Local brand and get to the top of Google

PPC for Local Companies

Detailed audit of your account potential!

Google Ads Features Summary

The AdWords Search Network includes Google Search, Maps, Images and Groups. Ads are matched to search results pages using keyword targeting. For example, a search on Google for “Accountant London” will be shown an ad that uses this keyword. Search marketing is the most widely used area in AdWords. The Search Network is part of the Google Network, which encompasses all the web pages and apps where AdWords ads can appear.

AdWords Search partners extend the reach of standard Google Search ads to hundreds of non-Google websites. Ads shown on the Google Search partner websites’ ads can appear on search results pages, onsite directory pages or other pages related to a person’s search.

AdWords Display Remarketing helps you retarget prospects across the web to drive qualified traffic back to your website. Many website visitors do not convert into leads or customers on their first website visit. Some past site visitors will return to your website anyway and remarketing helps increase the return of qualified audience prospects while also increasing your local brand awareness. Show ads to past website visitors for up to 540 days, or for shorter periods such as 30 days.
Google My Business is a free service to help prospects find you on web search and Google Maps. GMB verifies name, address and phone number to confirm your business details. AdWords also uses GMB to show your phone number and address below your ads.
Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) is used by company owners, webmasters, SEO and SEM professionals. It provides indexing status and visibility metrics of your website. Google Webmaster lists the amount of impressions and clicks your website pages are receiving in Google- and also what search terms are being used.
Track your local website visitors in Google Analytics. to measure levels of engagement. See the best performing landing pages, and the pages with the highest exit rate. See completed goal conversions which are recorded leads in Google Analytics by traffic source and medium.

Local search is when a search has local intention. This is a person looking for something that is specifically local. Local intent can be signalled by inclusion of the town or city name within the search phrase. For example “Accountants London”, “Builders London”. Search results pages with commercial intent are also becoming more local. This makes SEO easier for local and regional companies to get found and promote their services. Commercial intent can be signalled by words like company, prices, supplier, agency, practice and fees. For example accountant company, accountant prices, accountant supplier, accountant agency, accountant practice and accountant fees.

Monthly Local Plans

We only believe in providing a comprehensive service. We do so by providing flexible pricing based on AdWords features used and advertising budget. We work with you to select the most relevant features for your business, industry and target market.

Fixed monthly pricing is listed below for budgetary purposes, we also offer custom plans.


  • Management Fee @ £50 Per Hour
  • AdWords Search Network
  • Keyword Targeting for Search
  • Keyword Targeting for Search Partners
  • Google Analytics Management
  • AdWords Display Network
  • Remarketing for Display
  • Google My Business
  • Google Webmaster Search Console
  • Local SEO Management
  • Bing Ads Local


  • 5 Hours Per Month @ £50 per hour
  • AdWords Search Network
  • AdWords Display Network


  • 7 Hours Per Month @ £50 per hour
  • AdWords Search Network
  • AdWords Display Network


  • 12 Hours Per Month @ £50 per hour
  • AdWords Search Network
  • AdWords Search Network

All plans have no initial setup fees other than the monthly management fee. The pricing is vat exclusive.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We back up our work with a no quibble money back guarantee. If you are not highly satisfied within month one, we shall provide a full refund.

Local services FAQ

Cost per click is what you pay each time someone clicks on your Google adverts. Bidding is set at keyword level. Cost per lead is the average cost for every lead generated by Adwords.

A conversion or completed goal, is a lead recorded in Adwords and Google Analytics. This can be a lead enquiry from your website contact form or a telephone call.

Temporary read only access to your Adwords account and Google Analytics. We provide assistance to this upon booking the audit or new account setup.

The next step is to signup for monthly management.

We just require 7 days’ notice before the next month’s renewal date. If you wish to pick up again in the future, we can continue then.

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