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Find out how One PPC helped Rattan Direct grow from an eBay seller to market leader with £10 million sales per year! Achieved a 700% ROAS with a £1 Million ad spend on Google Ads alone!

Ad Spend

Grew annual advertising budget from 1ok to over 1 Million

Conversion Rate

Increased online conversion rate to over 1% for high-value products


Increased sales from a few hundred thousand to over millions


Back Story & Challenges

Rattan Direct is one of the UK’s leading online furniture stores for rattan furniture. From their inception, they have always prided themselves on being able to beat the most established brands on value. Rattan Direct has a high-quality range at affordable prices – but they needed to grow their website brand and sales to make this their primary sales platform. 

Rattan Direct was initially getting most of their sales from Amazon and eBay. They had a 5-page brochure website without ecommerce functionality, with all sales taken telephonically. except for Amazon and eBay. 

During our initial analysis, we identified these key challenges;

  • The Google Ads account had no historical conversion data for online sales or leads for offline sales.
  • The range of products within each category was too wide.. 
  • The keyword list was extensive but inaccurate – without a setlist of best selling products to start with. 
  • A Niche Target Audience and selling an unknown brand.


Rattan Direct needed a partner that could help turn their website into a primary sales channel while building their brand from advertising. They wanted their website to have e-commerce capability in a few months, but wanted to scale their sales offering and quickly!  Keen to work with an agency who was results-driven, they found One PPC listed on a jobs marketplace with glowing client reviews and certifications. 

Initially, Rattan Direct’s primary goal was to get as much sales revenue as possible with a minimum ROAS of 7.0. (Spend £1 and get £7 back). Secondary goals were to grow brand awareness and attract newsletter subscribers across Google Search and Display Networks. Prior to e-commerce tracking being installed, ROI was an estimate based on offline sales. Later on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms were used with the same advertising goals.  



To achieve Rattan Direct’s goals, we started by getting the fundamentals in place with a more scaled out account structure to improve ad relevance, increase CTR and quality score. These changes reduced the cost per click significantly while helping Rattan Direct show in the top position on Google for just about every keyword search. Even before the website was e-commerce ready with revenue tracking, offline sales were seen to increase rapidly. Over 95% of the keywords were showing in the top position with a very high-quality score. 

To maximize sales, we needed to set up a large Google Ads account to build campaigns. Not just for thousands of keywords, but to build the other targeting options such as YouTube Ads, Google Display Network etc. The first rapid increase in sales revenue was due to planning which improved communication, testing and review. Next, we refined our plan to incorporate new business opportunities and feature upgrades of Google Ads. The introduction of these changes has dramatically and rapidly improved the ROAS for Rattan Direct, and it is now consistently maintaining an average 7.0 since we began our partnership, and is driving millions of sales per year.

Google Search

Our next step was to create standard search campaigns targeting people searching in Google with keywords and text ads. We configured settings for each specific campaign to increase return on ad spend. We set up a range of campaigns including:

  • Each product category has its own Search campaign with an extensive list of keywords grouped into themed ad groups with relevant ads and landing pages. 
  • Competitors Search campaign for targeting known competitor names and their brand terms with specific ads & landing pages.
  • Google Shopping: Tested Top of Funnel high priority vs lower funnel low priority. 
  • RLSA (Remarketing for Search): Targeting past website users as they search again in Google, sometimes with wider keywords that are not part of the main keyword list for increasing traffic. 
  • DSA (Dynamic Search Ads)- We set this up combined with search remarketing to increase the qualified audience. 

Bidding Strategies: It was important to achieve the required return on ad spend while increasing the number of leads. Over time we tested a range of bidding stategies to get to the optimum approach for each campaign. 

  • In-house Google Ads script with bidding rules for achieving a target cost per lead(CPA), combined with bid modifiers. 
  • Adjusting bids manually to maintain top ranking for all keywords.
  • Later on… we also tested smart bidding such as target CPA). 

Audience targeting for Search: We set up campaigns with audiences such as demographics, as well as interest targeting such as past website users, in-Market Audiences and Similar Audiences to achieve a better ROI.

Google Display Network

After seeing significant success from the Search Network campaigns, Rattan Direct was keen to explore Google Display Advertising in more detail. The goal was to grow brand awareness with a much larger audience than just the Search traffic, and to achieve ROAS of 700%. 

To build a complete sales funnel we needed to set up campaigns that targeted cold traffic, as well as warm and hot traffic. If we could reach people at all stages of the marketing funnel we could grow sales much faster than just using Google Search. We set up campaigns at different stages of the funnel such as:

Contextual advertising: Using keywords and website topics that show on relevant websites to display ads that are relevant and topical.  

Managed Placements: Ads were run on all the UK online newspapers as placements. We also tested this combined with contextual (keyword) targeting to focus more on the target persona.  

In-Market Audiences: We targeted audiences with interests such as garden furniture and outdoor living which increased impressions and reach into the millions very quickly. Over time the campaigns improved continuously and exceeded the required ROAS. 

Similar Audiences: We set up an audience that is most similar to conversion tracking purchasers then ran ads across the Display Network. Dynamic vs static ads were tested and compared in practice. 

Website Remarketing: We created a remarketing funnel with recent short-term traffic, as well as a separate campaign for long term traffic up to 540 days. 

Gmail Ads: These we set up to reach the current email list as well as the above Display Targeting options. We also created ads with the range of the available ad formats to ensure optimum results.

YouTube Ads / Video Adverts: These we utilised to reach past website users with remarketing, as well as the above Display Targeting options. Ads exploring the available ad formats were examined and tested to ensure optimum conversions.


This approach has driven explosive results for Rattan Direct in the time we have been working together. Consistent Facebook advertising has been developed with the ad budget increasing proportionally with the extensive increase in sales.

Since working with Rattan Direct, we have:

    • Over 4 years, helped Rattan Direct grow from 4 people to a +10 Million revenue per annum business.
    • Managed all ad spend across Google, Microsoft Bing and Facebook.
    • Consistently achieved profit target of 700% ROAS (Spend £1, get £7 back. Also written as 7.0%). 
    • Grew ad spend to over 1 million per year on Google Ads. 
    • Increased Conversion Rates over 1% (High order value)
    • Achieved an immediate Return On Investment with consistent growth year on year. 
    • Ranked number 1 for 95%+ of keywords using Google Ads. 
    • Implemented Search keyword campaigns, Google Shopping, Dynamic Remarketing campaign to retarget website visitors
    • Setup Google Display Network using just about all targeting options.
    • Set up many new advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, YouTube Advertising(via Google Ads).
    • Created a consistent and effective ad creative that focuses on key USP and brand messaging.
    • Worked closely with the client, and internally throughout the duration of our campaigns

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