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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) & terms of service (TOS)

Free Audits Reviews

We offer written and screen share audits. Both will cover the key areas for improvement along with recommended solutions.

Yes. The audit is also an opportunity for us to see how much potential your account has for improvement.

The next step is to signup for monthly management. This is of course 100% optional. Budgetary pricing is provided on our services pages.

We will require temporary access to your advertising account/s, for example, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and sometimes Google Analytics. We shall send an invite for partner access and can provide assistance and support once booked.

To be eligible your company should have used AdWords for over 30 days. We do reserve the right to provide the free audit. This is rarely the case but see below for more details. 


For budgetary purposes, pricing is listed on our services pages. We charge based on the targeting features setup and managed, essentially how many hours are required each month. A minimum of 5 hours are required for monthly management

We provide fixed plans and also custom plans.

Some services may not require monthly management, ane are one off costs such as web development or graphic design. . 

Payment Terms

No long term contracts unless you want one! The monthly subscription payment is due in advance of each month. The management fee is derived from the number of hours required to set up and manage the targeting features used. Budgetary pricing is provided on the respective services pages.

Some project such as web development or graphic design are taken as ad-hoc payments if required by quote and invoice. .

We offer both direct debit or bank transfer payments. 

We do not provide refunds of any kind. 

Your company credit card is billed directly by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter et all – for the traffic purchased. We only charge for the management services.

If you have never advertised with AdWords we can setup a new account with your own email address and billing details.

Our services are monthly pay as you go. As long as notice is given before each month’s renewal, you have the option to discontinue the monthly subscription

Extra Services

Some of these services are included within various PPC management services – but as standard implementations. (Each one has specific details below). For more advanced setup, we can provide these services for an extra fee of a set number of hours. 

Web design and development can be provided at an additional fee). For example, landing page design, web hosting or web programming.

Graphic design and development can be provided at an additional fee). For example, Image design or edited by a graphic designer.

We do standard implementation included within other services such as Google Ads Management.

Advanced Google Tag Manager programming – for example, to set up dynamic remarketing ad format may require an additional fee. (Most CMS and Shopping platforms also have plugins for advanced set ups). 

The setup of new accounts for Google Webmaster and Google Merchant Center Shop is also an additional fee if required. 

Google Business Places and Bing Business Places can be used with location ad extensions. We can provide the setup of these additional services for an extra fee.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services are not provided as part of our standard PPC contracts. We can provide local SEO services for an additional fee.

We provide a range of CRO Services. We can start with basic landing page testing with Google Optimize as part of the PPC Services. For example, split URL testing (two different URL’s). 

More advanced CRO services such as Multi-variate testing and session recording can be provided at an additional charge.

Training Services are available at an additional charge at the same hourly fee if required.

We also sell digital products such as reporting templates using Google Data Studio. These are typically one-off the payments and are non-refundable. 

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If you have any other questions, not covered under this FAQ list, you can email us or request a callback. 

Industries we work with

We work with most industries. Examples of industries we do not work with include payday loans, instant get rich schemes, Forex trading, binary options, or the health industry without third party endorsement etc.

We, therefore, reserve the right to decline work if we are too busy or do not believe in a business model.


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