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Find out how One PPC helped The Vet achieve a 38% drop in their cost per conversion whilst still increasing leads.

More Conversions

Driven a 65% increase in conversions

Reduce CPA

Achieved a 34% drop in their Google Ads Cost Per Conversion

Grow Brand

Grew brand in new regional clinics


Back Story & Challenge

The Vet was born with the belief that veterinary healthcare should be made accessible to everyone. The Vet aspires to be the market leader dedicated to achieving exceptional care and support with the best value pricing. 

The Vet had been using Google Ads for some time and wanted to improve ROI along with implementing a consistent advertising strategy across regions. The Vet wanted to have a working model that could produce consistent results, as well as be used to launch new offices. They needed to generate instant demand as soon as a new clinic is opened to increase operational profitability. It was important to achieve the desired cost per lead while increasing the number of leads. 

A consistent advertising strategy needed to be applied successfully to achieve the desired results. The Vet wanted to work with an agency that could provide structure to their campaigns systematically along with creativity.

During our initial in-depth analysis, we identified three key weaknesses/opportunities:

  • A low conversion rate across most campaigns.
  • Profits were low, with a high cost per conversion on Google Ads compared to the average clinic booking value
  • An inconsistent strategy across campaigns making it harder to follow a standardised approach.


To address the challenges we identified, we started by restructuring Google Ads by expanding the keywords list and reorganising the campaigns with themed ad groups and more relevant ads. Once we had a working template, we could restructure existing campaigns around it and use this to roll out new campaigns just with location-specific changes. 

We set up campaigns that were closely monitored to routinely improve performance. Furthermore, we tested ads and landing pages to compare different promotions. This helped us to improve the conversion rate and deliver improved and consistent results. 

One PPC worked closely with The Vet to successfully achieve their business goals in a flexible and transparent manner. Doing so has dramatically improved the CPA for The Vet, reducing this by over 35% while increasing the number of conversions and additionally, our partnership has driven thousands of new leads to them. 

One of the ways we are able to capitalise on advertising is due to our approach towards ad creative and messaging. 

Types of Campaigns:

  • Google Search Campaigns: for targeting people searching in Google with the keywords and text ads. Campaigns for each regional clinic with location-specific ads & landing pages.
  • Standard Search – Competitors for each regional clinic with location-specific ads & landing pages – using the competitor brand terms as keywords.
  • Standard Search – Brand for each regional clinic with location-specific ads & landing pages – using the vets brand terms
  • Display Remarketing campaigns for each regional clinic with location-specific ads & landing pages.

Bidding Strategies: We used an in-house Google Ads script with bidding rules for achieving a target cost per lead( CPA), combined with target CPA automated bidding for some campaigns.

Locations: We identified that if the targeted locations were more than 5 miles, conversion rate dropped rapidly. We applied location bid adjustments by distance to get the best mix of volume and profit.

Demographics: We layered the Search campaigns with age, gender and parental status making optimisation adjustments based on performance.  

Interest targeting: We layered the Search campaigns with audiences including past website users, in-Market Audiences and Similar Audiences to get better ROI.

Devices: We optimised across devices for the best ROI

Ad Scheduling: We set up ad scheduling combined with automated rules to run different ads on the weekend vs weekdays. 

Ad Testing: 

The Vet wanted to see if ads that performed well in one region would do so consistently across other regions. In order to tackle this challenge, we created a few personas for testing the advert copy. These were then tested across different regions to determine which ones were consistently the highest performing ones to progress testing further.


This approach has driven remarkable results for The Vet during the time we have been working together, with consistent Google advertising that has been developed with an increased budget as positive results continued to accelerate. Since working with The Vet, we have:

  • Increased number of leads by 75% on Google within months.
  • Cut their cost per conversion by 99.5% on Google
  • Doubled conversion rate on Google
  • Improved CTR from 2.4% to 4.7%
  • Regular keyword expansion and bid management on Google with a mix of bidding strategies
  • Introduced regular new ad creative on Google which focused on testing USP’s across each region. 
  • Setup sophisticated audience targeting in Google Search such as demographics, similar audience, in-market and past website users. 
  • Created & Managed Location-Specific Landing Pages 
  • Implemented Regular A/B tests of adverts with landing pages using Campaign Experiments functionality.
  • Worked closely with the internal team of the business in the development of the marketing campaign

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