Data Studio Adwords Template (Free 10+ Page Premade)


At the time of writing, Google Data Studio is still in beta as for most advertisers (non-paid edition). Finally, Google has an advanced reporting design tool for Adwords. In Google’s defence (!)- they have now built a fantastic product- which can also be used with Google Analytics, as well as third-party systems like Facebook and Bing Ads. It is also possible to use multiple data sources in one report for a single view of your advertising and website.

One PPC-  Free Adwords Report Template (10+Pages)

After searching in Google for some premade templates to save us time setting these up, we only found one-page templates.  Using these for inspiration we created a 10-page report that can be used on any Adwords account.

You just need to create a data source for your Adwords account- and then update this report by replacing our data source with your own. The report will then show with your data- with the correct billing currency, etc.  The report is primarily for Lead Generation- companies that sell services. However, it does also include e-commerce metrics like ROAS (Revenue/Cost). The widgets are easy to customise if any more e-commerce metrics are required.

You just select File- Copy Report, and then create a data source for your Adwords account. The calendar in the top right-hand corner of each page can be changed- making the report live and dynamic.

The example screenshot of the pages is for lead generation. This is page1 of the 10-page report.


Page 2 (tab two from the drop down list) is the Score Card KPI Summary. The calendar date ranges in the left-hand corner can be set for any date period. The score metrics will then adjust automatically for the selected date range.

On the right-hand side are fixed date widgets to show comparatives. These metrics are cost- and cost/converted click. This is for lead generation- but can be changed to cost/conversion value- which is the calculated metric for ROAS.




Campaigns Report.

This has a summary of the campaigns. The table fields can be sorted like Excel by clicking on the header columns.



The Geolocation report is organised by cities but can be changed to country level if you are targeting internationally. This is lead generation focussed.


The keywords report has pie charts which can be changed by value, label, etc.

On the right-hand side are filters which can be used to drill down by campaign type, campaign, city or device. This filter widget is included on some of the other page reports.


The Ad groups report is similar to the keywords report.


The device performance page tab is useful for bidding on device- by comparing performance by device- as well as understanding website performance by device.



The hour of the day report shows if performance varies by the hour of the day. Again useful for bid adjustments


The monthly stats report is like the daily stats. Both reports can be viewed over a longer period of data such as all time, or last quarter- using the calendar.


Daily stats gives a better understanding of performance variations by day- as with the monthly and hourly report.


Installation Instructions for Data Studio template.

Download our Free Adwords Report Template (10+Pages)

Data Studio has three levels of settings, namely report level, page level and object level.  Report level settings are inherited by the parent (page) and child (object elements). This makes the report level settings the grandfather- well, most of the time anyway…

This Adwords template URL for Google Data Studio should be

  1. Opened
  2. Copied
  3. Create a new data source by choosing the new data source.
  4. Attach the new Data Source to the copied report.
  5. Update Report level settings. (If any widget objects are not updated- press refresh on the report).
  6. Go through the report and make sure that each page has the correct page settings
  7. If any widgets are still not updated- just click on these and remove data source. This should automatically update with your Adwords data source. (you can also select your Adwords data source).

Lead Generation vs. E-commerce installation.

The report templates accommodate both lead generation and e-commerce websites. However, the template has more focus towards lead generation- as- most of the conversion metrics are for cost per conversion (CPA). Therefore the installation for e-commerce requires a few extra steps to customise the template.

The tables do include some e-commerce metrics like total conversion value, and revenue/cost (ROAS). The charts and scorecards can be edited to replace CPA with revenue/cost (ROAS)- and include total conv. value(revenue).

Not sure why – but at the current time of writing-  sometimes the parent and child do not 100% of the time inherit the grandparent report level settings. This appears to be a bug in Data Studio- but it is sure to be resolved- to provide a one click update. (It may be seamless by the time you have read this article.

(N.B.: don’t use the template data source for the Adwords test account created by Google because it has an extra dimension date filter that is redundant- and does not work with our report template.

It is better to connect your Adwords account data source- as this be the same as the report structure created within ours template.

If you have any questions, just let us know. I shall also be creating a YouTube video to run through the process of installation.

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