(Free+25 Page) Google Analytics Data Studio Template Report

This free Google Analytics Data Studio report has over 25 pages covering the primary data metrics and dimensions of Google Analytics.

This will save you time instead of starting from scratch. I have used sources available in the Google Data Studio library- as well as free one pages available on the internet.

The report has one version for e-commerce, and the other for professional services/lead generation.

Download Free Template for Google Analytics

For companies that sell products/e-commerce. E-commerce: Free Data Studio Google Analytics Template.

For companies that sell professional services/lead generationLead-Generation: Free Data Studio Google Analytics Template

Brief Setup Instructions 

  1. Setup a connector for Google Analytics within Data Studio (If you have not already done so).
  2. Open the URL. Make a copy by selecting file copy.
  3. The copied report will then prompt you to connect with your dataset.
  4. Refresh the Data Studio report and – then update your company logo in the top left corner.
  5. The video below gives a brief overview of pages available in this Data Studio template report for Google Analytics.
  6. More detailed written instructions are included below the video.

Report Pages inside this GDS template.

The first few pages provide a summary snapshot of your e-commerce website performance. The comparative numbers below each data widget show the changes from the date selected, compared to the specific previous period.

google analytics data studio template report free


Report Pages:

Data Studio Google Analytics template report  has pages including: 

Dashboard, Summary Stats, GA stas for Adwords, E-commerce standard Analytics, E-commerce enhanced Analytics
Products, Goals, Event Tracking, Platforms & Devices, Mobile, Sessions GA, Content Top Ranked, Page Tracking
Landing Pages, Traffic Sources, Locations Top Cities, Site Search, Site Speed, System, Page Depth, Audiences, Demographics, Visitor Loyalty, User, Social Reports and more.

This page below is similar to the last page using more alternate reporting formats. When the data connector is updated with your own Google Analytics one, the currency will change automatically to the one you use.

On any page, the calendar can be changed in the top right-hand corner to cover any date range. The data on the page is then updated dynamically for the selected date period. The green buttons on the right-hand side can be used to filter by campaign, device, traffic source/medium, channel and more.



Summary Stats

This page reports on dimensions such as landing page performance.

Adwords Stats inside Google Analytics

This page covers Adwords stats collected within Google Analytics. Therefore the same data connector for Google Analytics is used- rather than using the Adwords connector. See our Adwords Template report for data taken directly from Adwords.



Demographic Stats

This page covers the demographics. The calendar can be changed to whatever country or countries being targeted.



Platforms & Devices

These devices are page has a table for device performance along with graphs and charts.


Google Analytics events

Google Analytics events with labels, categories and actions.


Top Content Report

The top content page is useful for identifying low-performing pages that can be improved.  The data is taken directly from Google Analytics into Google Data Studio.


Top Products

The Top Products sorts the best performers from highest to lowest. A scroll through button is available at the bottom right to work through the product sales list.


Website Speed

Stats such as average page load, with comparatives on the bottom right side.


Onsite Search

If you have setup onsite search in Google Analytics, the data will be available on this page. The report shows search refinements, % of sessions with search, and more.



Download Free Template for Google Analytics reporting in Google Data Studio.

For companies that sell products/e-commerce. E-commerce: Free Data Studio Google Analytics Template.

For companies that sell professional services/lead generationLead-Generation: Free Data Studio Google Analytics Template


Next Steps

We have also created a free Google Adwords Data Studio Template, which takes data directly from Adwords, using the Adwords connector. This is just 10 pages.

See Googles own Videos on Data Studio



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  3. Hi can you please share how can i link a page url on table rows to another page which will display only that page url analytics data.
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