CRO Tips – The Ultimate Conversion Rate Optimisation Guide

When designing your company website, it’s easy to get sidetracked by a variety of issues that aren’t overly important. Ultimately, though, the purpose of the site can be defined by two words: generate sales. The best way to achieve this is through CRO, otherwise known as Conversion Rate Optimisation

A strong CRO strategy can be the difference between getting strong traffic and actively completing sales. Learn to incorporate these CRO recommendations into your web design and marketing strategy for greater success than you ever thought possible.

Tips CRO Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips (4)

Clean Up Your Site

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your website should do more. However, those fancy additional feature simply serve to distract visitors from completing the desired action. Decluttering your site is an essential step that can make a significant difference. If the item doesn’t add to the focus of the site or aid visibility and reputation, get rid of it. 

This should apply to duplicate pages and other content that serves no purpose other than to pad out your site. Make the website as concise and efficient as your other marketing tools, and you won’t go far wrong.

Let’s face it; you could spend a lifetime tweaking the button colours, and order of social media pages under this tab. Sadly, these changes are unlikely to ever increase your sales. Therefore, you should focus on tasks that actively boost the CRO. Think about the UX by focusing on loading speeds, credibility, and mobile optimisation. These issues bring far greater results. 

Essentially, there’s little point in having those fancy items if the site doesn’t actively guide consumers to a sale. For this reason, forget the step-by-step paths and focus on getting to the end goal ASAP.

Tips CRO Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips (4)

Use Visuals

Images are an integral feature of landing pages. They are easy content to digest and can encourage an emotional reaction that ultimately increases the chance of a sale. Naturally, then, incorporating them in a positive fashion is vital for your CRO. Frankly, it’s not uncommon for the right image to boost conversions by over 50%. Conversely, a poor image can cost you dearly.

As is the case with your words, providing clarity is key. In addition to removing ambiguity, it lets users picture themselves in the winning situation. Whether it’s buying a car or hiring a plumber, getting this element right is vital.

Aim To Reduce Bounce Rates

The term bounce rate describes the percentage of visitors that quit the site after visiting just one page. In many cases, they will never return. Reduced bounce rates will go a long way to gaining the best CRO. Adding an advanced search tool lets visitors quickly find what they are looking for, which is vital for eCommerce and sites selling services alike. 

Again, quick load times are highly beneficial while ensuring that the site isn’t littered with grammatical mistakes is important too. If nothing else, those issues make the company look unprofessional, which will reduce the likelihood of conversions.

Tips CRO Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips (4)

The Best Route To Increased CROs

While all of the above features will help generate quick improvements, getting the best conversion rates is a job best left to the professionals. Give our CRO agency team a call to learn more about the possibilities today.

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