Beauty Salon & Spa Days for Google Ads / Google AdWords

Beauty Salons, also known as day spa’s are typically local business that target clients in the nearby area, your local town or city. The  range of services offered by beauty salons (or day spa’s) include: manicures, massage, waxing, pedicures, eye treatments(eye lashes, eyebrows) and facials. PPC advertising such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Bing ads can be used to target your ideal prospects and convert them into customers.

Do you offer all the various services, or is their more demand for a specific service in your local market place? For new companies, sometimes it takes advertising.

Gender: Male, Female, Unisex, gay. PPC systems allow you to target by male or female. 

Local: The closer someone is to your premises, the better. Make sure to set campaign targeting in your town or city. Also, use keyword location modifiers- for example,  massages wimbledonwaxing wimbledon, massages near me, waxing near me.

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Website Call to Actions

A call to action is how a website visitor converts into a prospective lead or customer. For example book online using an ecommerce checkout, or making an enquiry via live chat, telephone, contact form or click to email, click to call etc. Use conversion tracking for Google Ads, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads to ensure you record this action by keyword, campaign, advert and more. This lets you understand your ROI and optimise your advertising efforts towards your goals.

Research & Planning: Using Google Keyword Planner

Start by using the Google Keyword Planner (formerly the Google Keyword Tool). Research each service you offer, along with the more generic beauty salon and day spa. The keyword planner gives estimated search volume, as well as cost per click to be on the 1st page, as well as the top of the page ranking. (Varies by quality score and account history)

Check out the search volume for your local area and the competition. 

Check out the monthly search volume to see if their are any seasonal variations for each service you offer. 

Massage Services, Massages Wimbledon, etc, etc

Do the same for each service to determine the search volume/ market potential each of your business that you would like promote. 

Waxing Salon, Waxing Services, etc, etc

Landing Pages

Having a unique landing page is good for both PPC and SEO- instead of just using a home page. For example, 

www.yourcompanydomain/massages,                    www.yourcompanydomain/waxing, 


Beauty Salon & Spa Days is a good industry for using Google Ads. It is important to work out your ideal customer then narrow down your targeting, and refine further using conversion tracking to get the best ROI. 

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