Contextual Placements – What is Google Display Keyword Targeting

Contextual placement is targeting based on website content- instead of selecting managed placements individually.

Content Keywords targeting is showing your adverts next to related content across the internet and Google Display Network. Adverts get matched to the central themes of each web page considering factors such as text, page structure, link structure and language. This is different to keywords on the the Google Search network which are used to match search terms entered into Google- instead of the content of specific websites,

Connect with your audience precisely when they are reading a specific website.

Start by selecting the keywords most relevant to the industry being advertised.

Organise 1-5 keywords within an ad group to make an overall theme.

Contextual campaigns are also useful for identifying new managed placements by discovering websites that are performing very well.

Using combination targeting, contextual placement targeting can also combine with managed placements to only show on certain pages of the site- instead of the whole site. This is especially useful for targeting ads to websites that cover a wide range of topics. For example, it is possible to show adverts on many of the leading newspaper websites- and target on certain news categories or when page content matches what the advertiser supplies

Contextual placements can also combine with remarketing to past website visitors. Target people up to 540 days from their last visit to your website, by combining your website visitor audience with relevant keywords. This is a great way to find learn which website your  target customers and prospects visit. Discover new placements to add to a managed placements campaigns with individual bids.

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