Facebook Business Manager : The Ultimate Guide

For businesses with a wider team and other associates that all need access to information about marketing and advertising efforts on the Facebook platform, using Facebook Business Manager is absolutely essential. It might have the potential to make your life a lot easier, as well as making things easier for your entire team and colleagues. 

It’s about managing everything in one place because that makes a real difference to businesses that need to keep things simple. Every business benefits when vital things like marketing and advertising are simplified. So if you want to find out more about Facebook Business Manager, read on now.

Facebook Business Manager

Businesses that advertise and market their products and their brand via Facebook need a place where all of the various aspects of that are tied together. That’s what Facebook Business Manager claims to be. If you’re running sophisticated campaigns with lots of assets and employees, this makes the whole task a lot easier for everyone.

Reasons to Use Facebook Business Manager

Better Support From Facebook 

Facebook business support is really useful, so when you have a problem, you can turn to this support system and get the answers and assistance you need. But it’s only possible if you’re using Facebook Business Manager. They know the platform inside out so if you’re using it, the support the company offers to you will always be better.

Using One Reliable Portal is More Secure

You might not realise it, but using Facebook Business Manager as the central plank of your advertising and marketing strategy is much more secure too. By focusing on one portal, you can ensure everyone has the right access and things don’t fall out of your control. It’s when you lose control that security breaches become more likely.

It Costs Nothing

Using Facebook Business Manager is entirely free, and that’s something that can’t be overlooked. When you use the platform, you will experience no fees or hidden charges at all. For such a helpful and functional website to be entirely free to use is pretty amazing, and it means there’s no reason not to try it out.

It Makes Things Easier for Staff

Your staff members will all have access to the aspects of your Facebook Business Manager account that’s appropriate for their work. It’ll all be in one place so they’ll have no problems at all getting to what they need and using the platform in an instinctive and easy way. It makes their lives easier, and that’s only a good thing for your business.

Setting Things Up

Create a Business Manager Account 

The first thing you’ll need to do is create your business manager account. You can do this by heading to the site and clicking Create Account. You can then follow all of the basic on-screen prompts until you’ve completed the account creation process. There’s nothing at all complicated about it. 

Create Your Ad Account


Next, you’ll have to create an ad account inside Business Manager. Click Create Ad Account and fill in all of the vital information about your ad account and which Business Manager account you want to connect it to. At this point, you’ll also be able to add other people to your business information. 

Make a Facebook Business Page

Going back to the Setup Guide page where you created your ad account, you’ll now be able to set up a Facebook Business page very quickly and easily. You’ll do things like type in the Page Name and select the category that your business belongs to. After that, it’ll be created and you’ll have the chance to customise in Facebook Business Page in a variety of ways.

Add Admins and Employees

Back at the Setup Guide again, you’ll find a category called People. This is where you can add admins to the account and add employees. Obviously, this is important if you have a team of people who all need access to the account. They can be assigned work on the page and account, while your admins will have the power to make bigger changes too.

Claim an Existing Page or Ad Account

Transferring another ad account or pager to this Business Manager account is relatively straightforward as well. You just need to claim that account or page via the Setup Guide. There’s a Claim Page button that you’ll click, which will then take you through the process of claiming a page or account. You fill in the Ad Account ID and request access.

Setting Up New Audiences

Create a Custom Audience 

Creating a custom audience involves targeting people who have already expressed some interest in your business in one way or another. These might be people who have engaged with your Facebook page or visited your website before. You can use contact lists and web traffic to create this custom audience.

Select the Type of Custom Audience

There a few options available when selecting the type of custom audience that’s going to be right for your Business Manager account. You could use a customer file of people who have been matched based on data prior to upload. You can create a list of people who have visited your website using Facebook Pixel. App Activity can also be used to target people who took specific actions or you can use the Engagement option to choose people who engaged with your content on Facebook or Instagram.

Lookalike Audiences

Then there’s the Lookalike Audiences option. This is about reaching the friends of fans. It’s when you create copies of people you’ve specified and increased the number of new targets in order to promote your brand and product to a wider audience. Of course, you need to have an existing audience of targets to do this.

Now that you know all about Facebook Business Manager, you can make the most of the platform and use it to make marketing and advertising on Facebook easier than ever before. Once you get started and get used to it, you’ll feel the benefits it can bring to your business.

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