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Facebook is fast becoming as important a platform as Google’s search for companies looking to generate leads. Facebook is so influential that many people think that it is the internet, providing them with everything they need, from social interactions with friends to the ability to buy products online. The social media giant, therefore, is fast becoming an essential lead-generating tool.

Lead Generation Campaign Objective

Leads are people who have shown interest in your services or products. Leads are prospects, and they are worth pursuing to make a sale. In many respects, leads are the lifeblood of any modern business. Without leads, companies have nobody to entice to buy their products, and nowhere to attract revenue. 

Facebook lead ads help you target people who have shown interest in what your company does. They’re a tool that the social media giant uses to support its business customers get better value for money from using the platform and, in the process, improve their profitability. 

Lead ads are a form of advertising that allows customers to sign up to whatever services you’re offering without leaving Facebook. Essentially, a lead ad makes it easier for customers to fill out information that you need from them by pre-filling any forms with data they have previously supplied to the social network. Those forms might include things like the name of the customer, their email, or their telephone number. Once you’ve got the information, you can use it to create a contact list of people potentially interested in buying your products. 

The question for today’s marketers, therefore, is how to use Facebook lead ads to maximum effect. Take a look at some of these tips to help you capture more leads through Facebook lead ads for less money, and start building your mailing list today.

Facebook Leads Ads Intro

How To Create A Facebook Lead Ads

First thing’s first: how do you create a lead ad on Facebook? 

Step 1: Sign Into Ad Manager. 

Ad Manager is Facebook’s tool for managing all your marketing campaigns on the platform. Facebook gives you three ad campaign objectives: awareness, consideration and conversion. These three stages represent movements along the buying cycle, from people who are not yet aware of your products to those who are ready to buy. 

Step 2: Create A Lead Ad 

Facebook puts Lead Ads in the “consideration” stage. Look under “consideration” and then click on the option for “Lead ad.” Clicking on this will take you to the lead ad creation page. 

Once you’re on the page, you’ll be prompted to create your lead ad in three easy steps. First, give the name of the lead ad (for personal campaign management purposes). Then, select the languages you’d like your form to appear in, and finally, choose the fields that you want to include (things like contact name, city, phone number, state, marital status etc.). Facebook allows you to include up to 21 questions on your lead ads, and up to 15 custom questions.

Step 3: Agree To Privacy Conditions

With recent data controversies, Facebook takes user privacy seriously. As an advertiser, you’ll need to agree to all the network’s privacy conditions before publishing a lead ad which collects sensitive user data.

Step 4: Create A Context Card

Although optional, the Context Card provides users with information about what they’re getting by filling out a form. Using a Context Card can help drive customer engagement and reassure people that they’re giving away their information for a good reason.

lead ads get quote

Facebook Lead Ad Tips

Choose As Few Questions As Possible 

Although Facebook allows you to ask up to 21 questions, most people don’t have the patience to fill out forms of that length. Private research suggests that as few as three questions may be optimal. 

Create Custom Lead Ad Field For Your Campaign 

The vast majority of businesses use lead ads to collect basic information, such as a person’s name and contact details. While collecting these data is essential, the most successful lead ads are often those that collect specific information relevant to the overall campaign. 

Choose The Right Lead Ad For Your Purpose 

You might be using lead ads for a number of reasons: 

  • Email signup 
  • Newsletter signup 
  • Get a quote for a product or service 
  • Get more information
  • Request a follow-up call

How you present your lead ad, therefore, is essential.

Ask The Right Questions


The most popular Facebook Lead Ad questions are email, full name, and phone number, in that order. Most businesses can get by asking those three basic questions, but there’s a tradeoff: sure, you’ll get more people to submit information, but don’t know as much about each person.

Lead Ads Form Questions

Facebook has a standard set of questions. All you need to do is ticket the question box to include this in the form. The option to create custom questions also exists, with some restrictions in personally identifiable information such as a passport ID.

Lead Form Questions

Privacy Policy

Include a link to your website privacy policy. 

Form Types Lead Ads

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Form Type Facebook Lead Ads ad level 1

Advert - Text & Images

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Lead Ad Format Text and Images

Facebook Lead ads are the best thing since sliced bread. Or at least the best thing since search marketing, aka keyword marketing. Facebook provides a quick way to generate leads using a lead form to capture contact and other relevant details.

Are Lead Ads for all professional services companies?

Facebook can level the playing field between small and big companies as everyone is in the same Facebook ecosystem instead of individual websites.

Facebook Lead Ads is a campaign objective as well as an Advert format. It can combine with various targeting options on Facebook in the middle and bottom of the funnel.

  • Facebook Leads Ads for Remarketing- Website Cookies or Email CRM records
  • Facebook Leads Ads for Lookalike audiences. (Page, website cookies, email)
  • Facebook Leads to Core Audiences Interests & Demographic


Facebook Lead Ads is a fantastic way of generating leads on Facebook, instead of sending the traffic to your website. Testing the lead form is a good way to get the best mix of quantity and quality of leads. Sometimes if the form has too many fields, the conversion rate decreases. Alternatively when the form has too few fields, the number of leads increase but the quality of the leads may not be as good. Facebook is planning a meeting scheduling feature which will help get the best quantity/quality mix. 

This blog post covers general Facebook ads tips in more detail

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