Twitter Ads Campaign Objectives – Set up Twitter Campaigns

Twitter is among the most important social networks that businesses use to promote their operations. But before engaging in any social media marketing campaign, it is essential to consider one’s objectives: what it is that the company is trying to achieve. 

It turns out that there are many objectives that a company might want to attain through a concerted social media marketing campaign on Twitter. But what, exactly? Let’s take a look.

Businesses don’t just use Twitter to make direct sales: they also use it as a tool to increase overall brand awareness. Twitter allows companies to promote their Tweets to expand their reach. Twitter chargers “per impression” where an impression is the act of a person viewing the Tweet.

Conversions Objective

The term “cost per acquisition” – sometimes abbreviated CPA – is a marketing term that people use in the industry to describe how much money a business has to spend to make a sale. Many firms see Twitter as a way of boosting their visibility while at the same time cutting their CPA. Their ability to reduce CPA, however, depends on a range of factors, including how well they target their chosen demographic.

Increasing Followers

Followers on Twitter are people who are so interested in what you have to say that they sign up to receive updates whenever your organisation makes a post. Followers are an indication of the overall interest in your account and the quality of the content that it churns out. People tend to follow only those accounts which provide consistent value over time.

App Installs

Twitter allows companies to advertise their apps in-stream (and provides helpful links so customers can install them). Companies may use Twitter to promote their apps, encourage adoption, and build a user base.

In-Stream Video Views

Companies use in-stream videos to advertise at the beginning of videos that users watch on Twitter. These short ads usually play in the videos of partners selected by Twitter. Many companies use these paid ad services to get vital information in front of particular user demographics and boost views. 

You can also use paid services to promote viewership of particular video content. Firms may want to get longer video content in front of certain people whom they believe may be interested in purchasing at some point in the near future.

Getting More Website Clicks

Businesses and other organisations regularly use Twitter to get more clicks through to their websites. Twitter allows companies to link their sites in their Tweets. Firms can, therefore, pay Twitter to advertise their Tweets, gain more impressions among the relevant demographic, and then wait for people to arrive at their site and potentially buy their products.

Getting More Website Conversions

Likewise, firms can use Twitter to boost conversions. Twitter can help companies engage better with customers, increasing the likelihood of making a sale. Often, the more familiar a customer is with a company, the more likely they are to buy. Companies that keep customers engaged and lines of communication open on social networks like Twitter tend to attract more business than those that don’t.


Twitter Ads is not Google or Facebook, but it does present a unique opportunity for PPC advertising. Twitter has a funky personality style of audience that suits hot of the press updates in the news. Twitter is another channel to expand your reach across the internet, and certainly another option, Twitter has more of a business focus than say Facebook, but less so than LinkedIn, making Twitter a hybrid social media platform with a unique reach. 

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