Types of Adwords Campaigns Explained


Campaign types and subtypes let you target prospective customers using different setting, strategies, techniques and networks. Campaign types are centred around Google’s advertising networks: Google networks are places where adverts can appear, namely: Google Search Network, the Google Display Network and the YouTube Network. The campaign subtype determines which settings and options are available. These Campaign subtypes include…

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Adwords Support & PPC Support


Are you looking for Google Adwords Support, or/and Facebook Ads  & Bing Ads? We are an Adwords Partner in the UK. Call our UK toll-free on 0800 689 4745 for free assistance. First Support Request for Free! New advertiser support, intermediate and advanced support. PPC Support for Adwords, Facebook & Bing advertising Adwords Telephone Support UK Times…

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Google Display Combination Targeting

Google Analytics Audience Builder

What is combination targeting on the Google Display?  Combination targeting is a way to setup and optimise Display advertising for direct response sales campaigns. Standard audiences on the Display Network offer many advertising targeting options- some not too dissimilar to traditional media. As with the TV, radio, and the newspapers, the Google Display Network by default targets…

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YouTube & Video Ads Tips

Youtube Ads

What is YouTube Video ads? YouTube is ranked as the 2nd most popular search engine in the world next to Google. YouTube as a company was acquired by Google many years ago. Since that time Youtube advertising has been moved across into Adwords- to be managed within Adwords. Videos are uploaded to YouTube and can then used as…

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Gmail Ads Tips


Adwords Gmail Ads is a newer Google Display Channel. Most of the display targeting options work with Gmail Ads including keywords, affinity audiences, demographics, topics and similar audiences. Remarketing to past website visitors list is not supported, however remarketing to your customer email list is possible. Gmail Ads offer four types of ads types. Gmail image template: Single Banner…

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Adwords Display Topics Tips

What is Google Adwords Display Topics Targeting? Topics are a directory of website themes around products, services, industries, and ideas. Target your industry by the most relevant topics to show adverts on groups of relevant sites on the Google Display Network. Topic targeting is like interest targeting such as in-market and affinity targeting, except based on…

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Adwords Contextual Placements

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Contextual placement is targeting based on website content- instead of selecting managed placements individually. Content Keywords targeting is showing your adverts next to related content across the internet and Google Display Network. Adverts get matched to the central themes of each web page considering factors such as text, page structure, link structure and language. This…

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Placements Targeting (Banner Ads) on Display Sites


What are Google Adwords Display Placements (colloquially known as banner ads) The Google Display network consists of hundreds of thousands of websites across the internet that can show adverts through Google Adsense. Websites that have large or niche audiences can make money selling ad inventory space on their websites. Google Display has lots of targeting…

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Adwords Similar Audiences


Adwords Similar Audiences have shared interests with your past website users. Increase your advertising reach by targeting people that have shared characteristics with your prospects or customers. (Website user prospects vs. Converted Customers). Adwords Similar Audiences targeting- as with  Facebook Lookalike Audiences – are both are more effective when the audience has at least one…

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In-Market Audiences for Google Display


What is In-Market Audience Targeting? In-market audiences are segments that classify internet users based on their demonstrated in-market behaviour and purchase intent across the Google Adwords Display. Users are audiences grouped together based on an aggregation of sites that they have been interested in. Reach potential customers while they’re actively browsing, researching or comparing the categories…

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