Campaign types and subtypes let you target prospective customers using different setting, strategies, techniques and networks.

Campaign types are centred around Google’s advertising networks: Google networks are places where adverts can appear, namely: Google Search Network, the Google Display Network and the YouTube Network.

The campaign subtype determines which settings and options are available. These Campaign subtypes include Standard, All features or marketing objectives.

Adwords Search Network Campaign Types


Display Network Campaign Types

Display Remarketing, In-market audiences, placements and more

Video/Youtube. Video Ads on YouTube with all the traditional display targeting options


Google Search Network


Google Adwords Campaign types Explained:
Google Search Keyword Targeting with Text Ads
Google Search Partners: Google Search Partners:  Keyword Targeting with Text Ads
Search Network with Display Select- Opt into Google Display Network- using keywords to match website content across the display network.
RLSA- Remarketing for Google Search RLSA is used to target past website visitors as they search in Google.

Audience sizes need to be over 1000 unique users- and can target past website visitors for up to 280 days since the last site visit.

Past website visitors that know a brand often have a higher conversion rate.

Use wider keywords to increase qualified traffic keywords or adjusting bids based on current keywords conversion rate.

DSA- Dynamic Search Ads Access the super long tail traffic by using your website content instead of keywords.

Combine with RLSA to target past website visitors- and discover new search term keywords that convert into sales.

Google Shopping Shopping ads target searches in Google using product titles and other attributes- instead of



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