Facebook Core Audience Targeting Improvements

Improvements to Facebook Core Audience Targeting means more opportunity for Higher relevance score (lower advertising costs) Higher conversion rates for advertisers. (lower cost per lead or sale) Measurable branding. (If it working for CPA, it is certainly working for brand). What are Core Audiences, Custom Audiences and Lookalike audiences?  Core Audience are from data related…

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Track “ALL” Paypal Conversions in Adwords & Analtyics

track paypal conversions Google Adwords

New retail clients will often tell us that not all Paypal conversions are getting recorded in Google Analytics and Adwords. The missing conversion data could be the revenue of the sale- or even just the confirmation of the sale. The reason for this is that Paypal like other payment processors gives the buyer the option…

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WordPress Plugins for Google Adwords, & Analytics, & Tag Manger PPC


Tracking tools help advertisers improve our advertising efforts and get a better return on investment. If you use WordPress, there are many plugin options for deploying tracking codes for Google Adwords conversion tracking, Google Analytics, as well as the ever increasing list of PPC platforms like Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Bing Ads and more. 3 Minute…

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Reporting, Visualisation & Integration Google Data Studio


What is Data Studio? datastudio.google.com is a new reporting tool- that also has a free edition with a cap on report templates. Why use Data Studio? Use Google Data Studio Free Edition to visualise and integrate data sources including Google Adwords Analytics and third parties like SQL, Excel. Get a single view of all your…

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Shopping Data Feed Manager for Google Sheets.

Google Shopping feed

What is a product Datafeed for Google Merchant Center? A data feed is a catalogue list of the products you want to advertise using Google Shopping. This list includes product attributes such as titles, images, landing pages, current prices, stock, size, colour, age group, gender and more. Some fields are mandatory with other recommended. Building a…

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Negative Keywords Tips for Adwords


What are negative keywords and when to use them? Negative keywords are opposite to positive keywords. Positive keywords are used for targeting on search networks. Negative keywords block irrelevant searches saving money by preventing clicks from irrelevant search terms. Negative keywords also increase CTR- which improves quality score -leading to a lower cost per click, higher…

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Linkedin Ads Targeting Tips and Tricks


What is Linkedin Ads Linkedin is a social media platform for Business to business (B2B) as well as for individuals and business to interact. Linkedin provides the ability to target adverts based on audience characteristics of LinkedIn users such as: Using Linkedin PPC advertising provides the ability to target adverts based on audience characteristics of LinkedIn users…

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Google Adwords Scripts

adwords scripts

What are Google Adwords Scripts? AdWords scripts can programmatically control AdWords to automate common tasks, integrate with external data and create advanced reporting. The javascript program is run within Adwords and can interact with functionality available in the Adwords interface- as well as with logic from outside data sources and automatically make the appropriate changes,…

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Google Adwords New Advertiser Checklist

keyboard,tablet and pie chart on old wood board

Adwords new advertiser tips and tricks checklist. Targeting is critical for success. (If the targeting is wrong or just too wide, this will not be profitable) Setup Adwords Conversion Tracking (This shows you which targeting is working- and what needs to be optimised) Keywords selection & match type  (Keywords are different to search terms entered into…

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GTM Auto-Event Tracking for Google Analytics


Google Tag Manager Auto-event Tracking for Google Analytics Google Tag Manager has become the most popular tag management solution in the world. It is used for deploying tracking scripts for Google Analytics, Google Adwords and also third party systems including Facebook Ads and Bing Ads. Running the scripts inside GTM instead of the website means…

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