How to Set Up Amazon Ads Campaigns – The Step by Step Guide

Setting up Amazon Ad campaigns is relatively easy, even with all the new targeting features. We run through the process as a sequence of steps below. 

Start by creating a campaign using the +new campaign button. Next enter daily budget. The start and end date are optional, and more suited for seasonal products. Next select a targeting option, either automatic targeting or manual targeting. In the first example below we shall use a manual campaign. 

Create Ad Group

An Ad Group is a collection of ads that share one set of keywords or products. We recommend grouping similar products together, such as those in the same category or price range. 

Select Bidding Strategy

Choose from a range of three bidding strategies, namely:

  • Dynamic Bids lower
  • Dynamic Bids lower or higher
  • Fixed Bids
The enter a default bid


Next, select keyword or product targeting. You can only have one targeting per ad group, but multiple ad groups per campaign.

Product targeting is only available in sponsored products, not sponsored brands.

If you select product targeting, you can then target by category or individual products. You can used categories suggested by Amazon, and you can also use the refine button to filter by brand, price and ratings to be more specific in the campaign targeting. The refine option lets you choose specific brands that you want to show for, and prices above X

For individual products, Amazon also suggest products to target. You can include products and categories in the same ad group. You can also use negative product targeting to exclude brands or products. To learn more about targeting on Amazon, check out our blog post Ultimate Guide to Amazon Targeting

Review Campaign/ Preview before live

This step provides a preview of all of the settings chosen during the set up process. If you are happy with these press enter to publish the campaign making it live.

Auto Targeting Campaign Option

The example above is for manual targeting. However for automatic targeting, you can change bids based on close match, loose match, substitutes, compliments – or switch some one or off.


The Amazon campaign set up process is relatively similar for automatic and manual targeting with a few different options. Product Ads and Brand Ads also have varied set up options to suit different marketing goals. 

Liam Holmes

Liam Holmes

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