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What is Keyword Match Type for Adwords PPC

Keyword selection, as well as match type, are used for targeting people as they search in Google. Keyword match type determines how closely a search term entered into Google (or Bing, Yahoo and Twitter) must be to the keywords selected within these PPC platforms. Selecting the most suited keyword matching options can help increase traffic


Google Keyword Planner Tool & Keyword Selection

Targeting is the most important area for successful advertising. If the targeting is wrong, it doesn’t matter how great the ad copy and landing pages are. Targeting on the Google Search Network is achieved through: 1. Keywords Selection for standard text ads, 2. Website content for DSA (Dynamic search ads) 3. Product attributes for Shopping Ads.


Negative Keywords Guide

Negative keywords can help you to target the most interested customers, reduce costs and increase your return on investment (ROI). Negative keywords are opposite to positive keywords. Positive keywords are used for targeting relevant searches and help qualified prospects find you, whilst negative keywords are used for filtering/ excluding searches. Why use Negative Keywords? Save

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