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(Free+25 Page) Google Analytics Data Studio Template Report

This free Google Analytics Data Studio report has over 25 pages covering the primary data metrics and dimensions of Google Analytics. This will save you time instead of starting from scratch. I have used sources available in the Google Data Studio library- as well as free one pages available on the internet. The report has

track paypal conversions Google Adwords

Track “ALL” Paypal Conversions in Adwords & Analtyics

New retail clients will sometimes say that not all Paypal conversions are getting recorded in Google Analytics and Adwords. The missing conversion data is the revenue of the sale- or even just the confirmation of the sale. The reason for this is that Paypal like other payment processors gives the buyer the option to return


Adwords Remarketing Guide to Conversion Funnels with Google Analytics

Google Analytics makes it possible to get more sophisticated with remarketing and build audience remarketing conversion funnels. Google Analytics Audience Builder is used to define and segment your website traffic into meaningful audiences of based on their levels of engagement. Building simple or sophisticated lists from your site visitors into separate audiences for Adwords remarketing using

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