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DSA Dynamic Search Ads with RLSA

DSA ( dynamic search ads) uses your website content instead of keywords for targeting people searching in Google. When a DSA campaign works well, the targeting complements existing search campaigns that use keywords- rather than compete against them. DSA dynamically populates the advert title with content from your website that matches the search term. The landing


Adwords Search Remarketing (RLSA)

Remarketing for Search allows advertisers to retarget your past website visitors as they search in Google. Learn how your prospects and customers search in Google after they have been to your site, and improve how your retarget them. Remarketing lists for search ads can target past site users with unique bids, ad copy, and landing


Adwords Remarketing Guide to Conversion Funnels with Google Analytics

Google Analytics makes it possible to get more sophisticated with remarketing and build audience remarketing conversion funnels. Google Analytics Audience Builder is used to define and segment your website traffic into meaningful audiences of based on their levels of engagement. Building simple or sophisticated lists from your site visitors into separate audiences for Adwords remarketing using

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