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(Free+25 Page) Google Analytics Data Studio Template Report

This free Google Analytics Data Studio report has over 25 pages covering the primary data metrics and dimensions of Google Analytics. This will save you time instead of starting from scratch. I have used sources available in the Google Data Studio library- as well as free one pages available on the internet. The report has


Adwords Data Studio Template Report (Free Google Ads)

At the time of writing, Google Data Studio is still in beta as for most advertisers (non-paid edition). Finally, Google has an advanced reporting design tool for AdWords. In Google’s defence (!)- they have now built a fantastic product- which can also be used with Google Analytics, as well as third-party systems like Facebook and Bing Ads.

Improve local search ranking

Local SEO tips for Improving Search Rankings

80/20 Quick Wins Check List On-Page Local SEO Target Keywords Create a top list of keywords that your target customer would use to find you on Google. This can be the name of your services, products, industry or profession- and used in combination with other words for more precise targeting. For example, words that can


Adwords Search Terms Report Tips for Optimisation

What is the search terms report in Adwords? These are the actual searches entered into Google by the people who click on your Google Ads.  Thes search terms report is available for all Google search network campaigns including Text Ads, Shopping Ads, and Dynamic Search Ads- as well as RLSA audiences. Text ads for Google

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