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Google Display Combination Targeting

What is combination targeting on the Google Display? Combination targeting is a way to setup and optimise Display advertising for direct response sales campaigns. Standard audiences on the Display Network offer many advertising targeting options- some


YouTube & Video Ads Tips

We love YouTube. Who doesn’t love YouTube? It’s a practically bottomless well of high quality video content with the power to educate, inform and entertain without paying a penny. Whether you’re after an op-ed video


Adwords Display Topics Tips

What is Google Adwords Display Topics Targeting?   Topics are a directory of website themes around products, services, industries, and ideas. Target your industry by the most relevant topics to show adverts on groups of relevant


Adwords Contextual Placements

Contextual placement is targeting based on website content- instead of selecting managed placements individually. Content Keywords targeting is showing your adverts next to related content across the internet and Google Display Network. Adverts get matched


Adwords Similar Audiences

Adwords Similar Audiences have shared interests with your past website users. Increase your advertising reach by targeting people that have shared characteristics with your prospects or customers. (Website user prospects vs. Converted Customers). Adwords Similar

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