Track “ALL” Paypal Conversions in Adwords & Analtyics

New retail clients will sometimes say that not all Paypal conversions are getting recorded in Google Analytics and Adwords. The missing conversion data is the revenue of the sale- or even just the confirmation of the sale.

The reason for this is that Paypal like other payment processors gives the buyer the option to return to the seller’s website- or to remain on the third party domain.

Paypal cover the steps for setting up auto-redirects back to the 1st party domain website.

It is imperative to make sure Paypal settings include an auto-return. Not just to your website- but specifically to the order receipt page on your website that contains the Google Analytics e-commerce code.

The order receipt page contains the e-commerce tracking code for Google Analytics, Adwords or Google Tag Manager.

If revenue tracking and shopping cart functionality are not available on your website- the redirect needs to be the destination URL page for a completed goal. See our article on how to setup How to Setup Goals in Google Analytics for more details.

Goal Place Order 1 Paypal tracking in Google anlytics



Most PPC services have conversion tracking including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads, Pinterest etc- as well as Google Analytics itself. So making sure Paypal transactions are recorded correctly will help you measure, report and improve marketing ROI of all of your campaigns.

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