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Google Tag Manager has become the most popular tag management solution in the world. GTM is used for deploying tracking scripts for Google Analytics, Google Adwords and also third party systems including Facebook Ads and Bing Ads.
Running the scripts inside GTM instead of the website means only the single script for GTM is deployed on the website prevents lots of scripts slowing down the site.
However since Google Tag Manger v2, with auto-event tracking, it is becoming more popular to implement more advanced Google Analytics event tracking that previously was much harder to setup and maintain. This meant that even more scripts had to be placed on the website.

Google Tag Manager Auto-event Tracking for Google Analytics

Auto-event tracking makes for a codeless or softcoded implementation. This prevents the need to add code to the website. Some of the most popular event trackings used in GTM include.
  • Track Button Clicks
  • For example tracking
  • Slider Clicks
  • Useful for tracking interaction with Home page banner carousel images)
  • Image Clicks
  • Form Field Tracking
  • Track downloads (e.g. pdf)
  • Tracking Mailto: Email addresses clicked on to open an email program. Typically recorded as a lead. The event can also be made a goal in Google Analytics and Imported into Adwords.
  • 404 Error Tracking
  • Phone Number Tracking
  • Track any website Click with GTM
  • Cross domain tracking
  • External Click Links
  • Scroll Depth Tracking
  • e-commerce Tracking
  • Adwords Dynamic Remarketing (soft-coded or hard coded)
  • Enhanced Analytics
  • Source Cookie

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